Why Did John Adams Morgan And Sonja Morgan Divorce

John Adams Morgan

2006 saw the divorce of Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan with her husband John Adams Morgan. Well, people commented that her marriage to her husband was over years ago, but even then they stay married for a long time together. But the surprising thing is that even after their divorce, the lady couldn’t stop living her past and saying things about her ex husband. Even her colleagues are bored of the same.

But a big drama happened here. In 2018, during an episode shooting, Dorinda Medley had too much to drink and that’s when this drama saga started. But those present there said that this was completely Morgan’s fault. She compared her divorce to the death of Medley’s dear husband. Can you imagine? Medley’s husband Richard Medley, a New York business tycoon died of liver failure in 2011.

We all know that divorce and death are completely two different things. Divorce can be a big stress buster for some couples. And it can also be painful for someone. Divorce is a decision which couples take themselves to not see or not share a bed for the entire life. Whereas death is a decision forced by the almighty and the other living couple has to accept it. Divorce might seem painful like death but death is something which is many levels higher than divorce.

Sonja Morgan

So, Medley totally lost her cool and accused Morgan of sleeping with people and thus she got divorced. She also said that she still keeps on talking about her ex as if they are still together. This completely left Morgan awestruck as she was not expecting such a strong reaction.

Morgan later accused her bestie Ramona Singer of not standing up to her when she needed her support. She expressed her anger though a phone text.

Morgan always said positive things about her ex husband. She said that it was a marriage made in heaven. He proposed her with chocolates and flower when she was working as a waitress where he came to have dinner.

Then obviously people ask her that why she got divorced. To which she replies that she trusted some people whom she shouldn’t trust. But later on it was found that Morgan is a known flirt and she was flirting with someone to which the Morgan couple got divorced. But none of them have ever admitted to the same.

In an interview in 2019, Morgan said that her divorce and breakup is pretty boring. Both of them still love each other and behave like in love couples.

God knows what is the truth.

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