Press Release Query

Press Release Query


If you want to contribute to Organssos, give it a try by creating a unique article/posts/blog/Press Release and submitting it according to the guidelines below.


Submission Guidelines


Topic – Lifestyle, Entertainment, Health, Fitness, Food, Travel, Technology, Fashion, Jewelry, Crafts, Gifts, Products, Apps, Automobile or else, you can also share what you have to say. Check if it has already been covered on the blog. If so, give it a different angle.

The article must be original – not found anywhere else. The moment you send it to us you agree not to republish it.

A minimum of 500-700 words (unless it’s a video, app review or a post for the News category).

One link back to your personal blog or resource in the bio. – That will be nofollow, though, as expected by the Google Guidelines. If you have a budget for this, learn more about sponsored posts here.

  • Include stats and studies when needed (and link to the original resource).
  • No advertising.
  • Short Sentences. – Break down long sentences into shorter ones.
  • Short Paragraphs. – 2-3 sentences per paragraph.
  • Use active voice instead of passive.
  • Note that there’s a waiting period of 1-2 weeks if you get approved.
  • Your post will be edited so that it can resonate with the rest of the content on the blog.


How to submit?


  • Send your pitch (post title) or the completed article (in a simple Word doc) at
  • Don’t worry about formatting or images. That will be done after the post is approved and when it’s being formatted.
  • Once you send an email, we’ll let you know whether we’ll publish the piece or not.


Interested in Press Release posts?


If you’re looking for a dofollow link, want to promote your brand, product or business, or want a genuine review of your products or services

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