Why Does It Matter If We See Harley Quinn Nude?

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Harley Quinn is one of the most beloved characters in DC Comics, and her popularity has only grown since she made her debut in Batman: The Animated Series. She’s been featured in numerous comics, movies, video games and more – but what many fans don’t know is that Harley Quinn has also been depicted nude on several occasions.

For starters, there was a controversial cover to an issue of Suicide Squad released back in 2016 which showed Harley Quinn completely naked with nothing but a pair of fishnets over her body. This caused quite a stir among both comic book fans and those who were less than thrilled with the depiction of female nudity within mainstream media. However, this wasn’t the first time that Harley had gone nude for art’s sake; she appeared fully unclothed during an episode from season three of Gotham as well as some other instances throughout DC Comics’ long history.


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But why does it matter if we see Harley Quinn nude? Well for starters it sends out an important message about how women should be represented within popular culture – namely that they can be strong-willed heroes without having to resort to sexualizing themselves or objectifying their bodies just for shock value or attention seeking purposes! It also shows us how far our society has come when it comes to accepting different kinds of beauty standards – no longer do we have to conform solely by traditional ideals when appreciating someone’s appearance (or lack thereof). Finally seeing these depictions gives us all something else besides violence or male bravado which often dominates superhero stories – instead giving us powerful women who are comfortable enough with their own skin not afraid show off every inch!

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