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Gigi Hadid has been making waves in the fashion industry for years now, and her latest photoshoot is no exception. The supermodel recently posed nude for Vogue magazine, and the resulting photos are nothing short of stunning.

Hadid’s photoshoot was a celebration of body positivity and self-love. She showed off her toned figure while embracing her curves in all their glory — something that many women can relate to on a personal level. In an Instagram post accompanying the shoot, she wrote: “I think it’s important to remember we are all human & sometimes it takes courage to feel comfortable enough with ourselves & our bodies that we can be vulnerable enough for moments like this…”

The photo spread also featured some unique styling choices from Hadid herself; she wore natural makeup with minimal jewelry or accessories so as not to detract from her own beauty — something which speaks volumes about how confident she is in who she is as an individual. As one might expect from such a high-profile model, Gigi had no qualms about baring it all on camera; instead relishing every moment spent posing nude before the lens of renowned photographer Mert Alas!


Overall, Gigi Hadid’s nude photoshoot serves as yet another reminder that everyone should love themselves exactly how they are – flaws included! It doesn’t matter if you’re plus size or petite – what matters most at the end of day is feeling comfortable within your own skin regardless of societal expectations nor pressures put upon us by others around us..

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Image Source: Gigi Hadid Instagram

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