Maintaining a Healthy and Clean Lake

Maintaining a Healthy and Clean Lake

Lakes provide a breathtaking view and a more breezy, cool environment to live in. This is why properties situated near lakes tend to cost more than those in urban centers or suburbs. Lake views allow one to have a feel of what it means to be close to nature, experience different seasons as they unfold. Karina Lakefront Maintenance explains that to maintain what the lake has to offer, certain actions have to be done to protect and safeguard the lake from any pollution.

Pollution poses a great risk to aquatic life, the quality of water, and the usefulness of the lake generally. It is prudent to follow the following steps to enhance that a lake is healthy and clean at all times.

Maintaining a Healthy and Clean Lake

Monitoring Lake Oxygen Levels

Oxygen is crucial for aquatic life and the lake water quality. It is necessary to maintain moderate oxygen levels through the reduction of any actions which depletes dissolved oxygen in the lake.

Activities like baiting, for instance, introduces new species at a new section of the lake and this eventually leads to stiff competition on resources, sewage discharge is also another reason for the depletion of oxygen in a lake. Release of excess sewage or any amount of sewage into the lake leads to consumption of the available oxygen in the decomposing process.

This process leads to the exhaustion of oxygen within the lake, putting the aquatic animals at risk and a compromise to the quality of water. To reverse this process and maintain oxygen levels at reasonable levels; the following actions are highly recommended. Natural aeration is crucial to enhance the consistent supply and circulation of oxygen within the lake. The planting of plants around the lake environs generates the much-needed oxygen for this process. Other types of aeration like surface and submerged aeration are also ideal to propel water, leading to the circulation of oxygen to help improve the safety of aquatic life and water quality.

Use of Organic Methods in Gardening

There is no denying the great functions of plants present along the lake; these plants contribute to natural aeration, enabling sufficient oxygen circulation within the lake. However, failure to use proper gardening or planting methods could lead to the release of harmful chemicals to the lake.

The use of chemical fertilizers in a garden situated near a lake puts the safety of the lake at risk when runoff occurs.

When the chemicals used in gardening during planting find their way to the lake, aquatic life is put at immense risk. This activity also compromises the quality of the lake water, making it unsafe for any domestic use.

It is necessary to use organic fertilizers that are harmless to the lake in case of any runoff. In situations where one has to use chemical fertilizers, then this should be kept to the minimal amounts possible to avoid extreme damage to the lake.

Monitoring of Septic Tanks and Sewage systems

Healthy and Clean Lake

Septic tanks and sewage systems are prone to have leakages once in a while; it is advisable to constantly check the state of your septic tanks to establish if there are any leakages and fix them early enough to prevent any damage to the lake.

Septic wastes have high levels of nitrogen, which acts as a catalyst to the growth of algae and prevents toxins in the lake. The growth of algae not only compromises the functions of the lake but puts the life of aquatic animals and plants at risk.

Constant and regular checks on the state of your septic tanks and sewage systems go a long way in enhancing the health and cleanliness of the lake near your structure.

Importance of Using Lake Dye

Most people use lake dye to enhance the appearance and the look of the lake; this creates a great experience when using the lake. However, the use of dye in a lake has been established to solve another lake problem, that is prevention of algae growth.

The dye can be either blue or green depending on one’s preference, when used this product prevents penetration of sunlight into the water; this process helps to reduce the growth of algae in water which affects the quality of water and safety of aquatic life.

Maintenance of safe distance between Structures and the Lake’s Shoreline

Erection of structures near or at the shoreline is a threat to the quality of the lake water and the safety of aquatic life. Having structures at the shoreline or near the lake leads to the release of toxic substances either from the sewage systems, septic tanks, or chemicals used in the garden, compromising the health of lake water.

It is better to build structures at a safer distance. In case the lake breaks its banks, the safety of people living in structures at the shoreline will be at risk. It is healthier and safer to erect structures a little further from the shore to safeguard the health of the lake in the process.

Avoid Littering

Careless disposal of waste, especially plastics bags, puts the safety of aquatic life and the quality of lake water at risk. In case of a storm, this waste can be washed into the lake, continuous accumulation of such wastes in the lake makes aquatic animals struggle to exist in such an environment.

Having a proper garbage disposal program helps in protecting the health of the lake by making the lake clean and waste-free.


Everyone residing near a lake has a responsibility to safeguard the health of the lake and aquatic life; through proper gardening activities, the use of organic products in gardening is ideal in the reduction of the release of chemicals to the lake. Consistent monitoring of the state of septic tanks and sewage systems is also good to avoid any leakages which will contribute to the growth of algae in the lake, leading to compromises in the lake’s safety and health subsequently. Lastly, having a cleaning day to take care of any wastes within the lake’s environs will also help tremendously in maintaining a healthy and clean lake.

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