How Can Avoid SEO Disaster

During A Website Redesign, How Can Avoid SEO Disaster?

During a Website Redesign, How can Avoid SEO Disaster? Before performing redesigning take backup of your site, do SEO audit and create a new sitemap.

Although a website redesign takes your time along with hard-working, it may be well worth it if it’s done accurately. After a while, every website requires a redesign. Trends change, UI/UX features evolve as well as it only fits that you keep up with them.

How Can Avoid SEO Disaster

However, you have better rankings, traffic is growing as well as the profits, so it’s understandable that you are worried. It’s not uncommon to make mistakes during redesign that may cost you all that you’ve achieved so far.

1. Keep In Mind About the SEO

The first thing you require to do is think about SEO. Too often clients don’t end to consider the SEO influence of changing their website. You should hire Best Website Redesigning Company .They chuck away valuable content from historical pages or decide it would be a good idea to transform every single URL without redirecting the old ones.
Crawl the website

Before applying any changes or even before planning the redesign, crawl your website with the help of Website Redesigning Company. This step will offer you information about the structure, URLs, as well as metadata of your site. You will require entire that information to recognize what to perform as well as update once the new website is up.

Never start redesigning before you have a sound plan in place so you may avoid as several mistakes as possible and maintain the same quality of SEO.


2. Inbound link Analysis

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Inbound links are those URLs from another website pointing back to your site. So you may imagine the loss if you don’t make sure entire these links during the redesign.

Although 301 redirects will take care of this in some manner, it is also significant to perform the analysis, too. It will make sure that all the inbound links work and that you didn’t lose them since that may be damaging for SEO.

Tools like Moz Open Site Explorer as well as Ahrefs will help you do this and stay all your inbound links safe and sound.


3. Create A New Site Map

This is one of the most generally missed steps. Most people think that setting up a 301 redirect is enough to inform Google to index your new site.

But an up-to-date sitemap will help the search engine discover new URLs and provide a lot more precise information about the structure of your new site.


4. Submit A Transform of Address For Your Old Site

The final step if you are moving domains is to inform Google that your old site has moved. Verify your new site in Google webmaster tools and request a change of address for the old site.


5. Backup Everything

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Backup is always significant when you work with sensitive and vital data. So it’s only normal which you have to also backup the old website before you replace it with the new one. This will keep your old files as well as databases safe and close by if you need them.

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