Youngest Parents In The World

Kids Who Became The Youngest Parents In The World History Ever

While the whole world has a set age when they decide to take up the responsibility of being a parent there are some others who decide to defy the norms.

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Either due to some unforeseeable circumstances or due to self- choice these people became parents when their friends were facing teenage blues. Have a look at the world’s youngest parents and let us know what you think of them.

1. Lina Vanessa Medina

This Peruvian girl gave birth to a baby boy when she herself was just five years of age. No one knew who impregnated the girl but the truth is that she was suffering from early sexual maturity as her ovaries were totally developed at the time of delivery.


2. Liza Gryshchenko

Six year old Liza was impregnated by her 70-year-old grandfather. Unfortunately, her child died during the birth process else she would have also made to the list of youngest parents.


3. Hilda Trujillo

Hilda Trujillo

She was assaulted by her own cousin and thus became a mother at a young age of 9 years.


4. Anna Mummenthaler

From Switzerland, this girl gave birth to a stillborn baby at the age of 8. The father was one of her relatives.


5. Mum-Zi

This little girl became a mother at the age of 8 years. Her daughter Zi also conceived at the age of 8 and so Mum Zi had become a grandmother by the time she touched 17.


6. Griseldina Acuña

This young mother also became pregnant at 8 years and the father was a family friend. Like Lina, her sexual maturing also started early and by the age of three, her menstruations had started.


7. Wanwisa Janmuk

Becoming a mother at the age of 9 years this girl was married off to a 27-year-old man when she was 8. Interestingly, this might be the only case where the father is the husband too.


8. Kordeza Zhelyazkova

Kordeza was 11 years when she became pregnant by her 19-year-old boyfriend. She married him promptly and they had a healthy baby soon after.


9. Valentina Isaeva

Valentina Isaeva

In Russia, this girl was a mother by the age of 11 years getting impregnated with her 17-year-old friend.


Apart from these, there are certainly other cases where nature changed courses. In 1932, a 6-year-old girl in India gave birth. Even though she was not menstruating at that time she nursed her baby for at least 9 months.

A 9-year-old boy from China is supposed to be the youngest father in history. He became a parent when he was only 9 years of age. As of now, these parents have two boys and two girls to flaunt.

In the year 1979, a young girl from the USA gave birth to twins which are actually pretty shocking. In 1998 Sean Stewart became a father to Ben Louis. At that time he was 12 years old only but at present has separated from his wife.

Lastly, a 12-year-old boy from Kerala became the father of a girl. In India, he is the youngest father as he impregnated a 16-year-old who gave birth to this child of his. He was also booked under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.


The Youngest Parents In The World


10 Youngest Parents In The World


5 Youngest Parents In The World

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