3 Ways to Better WordPress Performance

WordPress Performance

WordPress is free and easy to use, making it one of the most popular blogging apps available. The quality of how well WordPress functions vastly depends on how well you have it optimized for performance. The following 3 tips will help you to get more out of WordPress and better your WordPress Performance.

1. Limit the Number of Homepage Posts

Blogs often tend to become one long page of text with tons of entries. Once the amount of traffic you are receiving to your blog starts to increase, you need to consider limiting the number of posts you have on your homepage.

2. Use Caching

Cashing allows your web server to get rid of some of its workload. It does this by storing static copies of your pages with the highest levels of traffic. A caches copy is kept on the server rather than reloading the page every time.

3. Avoid Media Overload

Videos or images can make your blog more appealing, but there should always be a limit on the amount you use. If your images, videos, or music are taking a long time to load, it’s time to cut down on the amount of media.

Even if you do all of the tips listed above, the number one thing you still have to do is make sure you choose a good quality web hosting provider. Combine the tips with a good hosting provider can give your blog’s performance a boost making it more enjoyable to visitors.

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