What Is Data Room Software?

What Is Data Room Software

Data rooms are spaces used for storing very sensitive data, usually of confidential nature. They are made for several uses, such as safe data storage, secure sharing of files, financial transactions, and more.

Types Of Data Rooms

There are both physical and virtual data rooms. However, with the increased use of the internet, virtual data rooms are becoming more preferred.

Virtual data rooms are online spaces used for secure storage and rapid sharing of files, stock exchange listings, procurement procedures, and capital acquisition, among others. Currently, more and more company transactions are happening across the world. It, therefore, means that there is a massive demand for good and user-friendly data rooms.

Some Significant Uses Of Data Rooms Include:

Mergers And Acquisitions

When companies deal with merging, selling, or acquiring new companies, data rooms come in handy. Such processes involve a lot of information being shared in a carefully controlled manner.

Due Diligence

Thorough company review is a critical part of restructuring processes, merging, buying, or selling companies, and any new strategic partnerships. The companies involved must disclose all of their information. The process of checking all relevant documents through data rooms allows adequate due diligence since the documents will be well structured and in order.

Some of the terms you will come across while dealing with data rooms include;


An administrator is the one in control of all user settings and procedures in the data room. They can make changes to the access rights of users.

Clean Room And Clean Team

A Clean Room is a space in the data room with minimal access due to many reasons. It is used by the administrator and a few advisers known as the clean teams to share information.

Client Manager

A client manager helps with the administration and start-up of a data room. They are available throughout the process to provide support.

Since data rooms deal with critical and sensitive data, you should be careful while choosing a data room provider. Some of the critical things to look out for include;

Level of security

Ensure that the provider offers features such as; high-level encryption, access control and meet major security compliances. You need to invest in a space that has high security.


Some data rooms have very complex features. They become very complex to maneuver and use. You should ensure that your provider can tailor the software to your needs for ease of access.

Support option

Your provider must be able to offer support 24/7 in case of system failure. Having such support ensures that you do not lose anything due to long hours of downtime.

Reliability and legal compliance

Ensuring that you work with a dependable and legal data room provider is vital. You need to ensure they have a good reputation. You can check out award-winning data room providers called Firmex for diligent services.


As a business, you want to minimize costs and make profits. Therefore, you need to compare the prices from different providers and go with an affordable one.

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