What is AI and how it has transformed the world

What is AI

Elon Musk mockingly said “AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of humans”  However AI is totally different from the common perceptions that we have from our movies. Artificial intelligence / AI development contributed to making our world a better place to live in. 

Let’s take you to a short tour of Artificial intelligence and how it has transformed the world.

What is AI (artificial intelligence) ?

Artificial intelligence is a characteristic feature of a computer software that enables it to take certain decisions without the involvement of humans, that are traditionally performed with human interference.  It uses various tools to perform some of the sophisticated functions imitating the human being even actually involving real humans. Must take a visit of diceus for quality and most consummate software services online


How has AI transformed the world ?

The real intention behind the creation of Artificial intelligence is to make machines smarter and to imitate human behaviour by performing some of the difficult tasks which need human brain level intelligence. The scientist and developers are trying to improve it with their rigorous efforts using data analysis, machine learning, neural network, etc 

Here through the following key points we can explain that how AI has transformed the world –

  1.                   Wisdom

If we talk about Artificial intelligence, it is the amalgamation of machine learning and analysis of data. With incessantly analysing the data it can understand the pattern used in it, if it found any question asked in that pattern then it instantly tries to answer that question or if a problem is given to solve, it tries to solve the given problem. Software programmers as well as developers have designed the algorithm in a way it starts recognizing and learning the new pattern of instructions provided. Whereas when it comes to the point of data sources then it comes from various sources such as Internet websites, satellite data, visual information, etc

  1.         Adaptability

Artificial intelligence is designed by programmers to adapt quickly according to the situations that are thrown at. Extreme adaptability is one of the core features of AI for which the developers thump their chest. 

For example-  when we look into the mechanism of self driving cars or semi autonomous cars AI adaptability plays a huge role in their working.  When data is given by various drivers about the road conditions, traffic, potholes, toll booths, etc to the central servers then the AI of cars learn from it . They use the data ,analyze it and later show notifications regarding the journey, road conditions, traffic situation, potholes, etc. Thus this adaptability and learned information is therefore used by the other cars of the same company for improvement and development of products. 

  1.         Decision making

With reading and analyzing and reading the data from experience, machine learning, neural networks machines with AI are getting better  in decision making and are going to give extraordinary capacity .According to researchers AI will soon take over human intelligence with the use of rigorous data analytics and autonomy algorithms. Lets understand with an example of a very popular electric car manufacturer “Tesla”.With the help of deep learning, a subsection of artificial intelligence using a plethora of sensors and camera altogether, computers make several decisions. In self driving mode the car incessantly keeps reading the road sign boards, speed limit, speed of the vehicles around it,no of vehicles in lane etc. The highly sophisticated AI of Tesla cars makes decisions by analyzing a huge amount of data and therefore gives the results in the form of the ability of a self-driving car.

  1.         Advance weather predictions

Contrary to the old traditional ways, when we used to listen to the weather forecast over radio , AI has changed the way we used to gain information. Nowadays After the advent of Artificial intelligence we make our everyday decisions using the daily weather reports on the tip of our hand using various smart devices .In the contemporary world with deep AI research and methods of recognizing the unstructured data provided gets converted into meaningful information of weather prediction. It also helps to give information of wind speed, precipitation rate, etc. collaborating with the weather department and other reputed institutions worldwide, weather predictions are provided to the farmers as well as people who are highly prone to damages from surprising weather. From poorer countries like India and Bangladesh to the richest one like the USA , deeper analytics of AI is helping and mitigating the loss caused by weather in advance.

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