Which Is Better Weight Watchers or Noom?

Better Weight Watchers

Weight loss can be achieved when there is a clear and easy-to-follow diet program and an effective weight loss app to guide you through the process. Weight Watchers (WW) and Noom are the best commercial weight loss apps readily available on the market today. Weight loss is an excruciating journey, that requires perseverance, patience, and oftentimes a helper along the way. Both Weight Watchers and Noom can provide this type of support while teaching you to practice moderation by following the recommended diet program customized based on the information filled out by you in either the Weight Watchers or Noom application.

While both are great and effective, which among the two is the most ideal for you? Needless to say; Weight Watchers and Noom, both have pros and cons. We will deconstruct the effectiveness of the two apps by comparing their prices, subscription models, diet management effectiveness, weight loss efficiency, and support provision to establish which amongst the two will be a preferable choice for you.


Noom is relatively a new player in the weight loss game; though it’s close to 15 years old, it has been one of the fastest rising weight loss apps. Its psychological approach to habits and food choices has been revolutionary, to say the least.

The app, provides a myriad of benefits apart from gaining access to a coach, the ability to join the Noom community is tremendously beneficial in your journey, ability to track food, weight, learning new habits, getting tips on diet, food choices among other information indicates how resourceful Noom can be in your weight loss journey.

Weight Watchers (WW)

Weight Watchers has been operational since the ’60s, though it has been subjected to enormous brand transformational changes over the years, it still operates the same way as it did when it began.

The app uses a smart points system to track food and exercise routines, it comes with wellness workshops for its members, while advanced subscription levels come with a designated coach to guide you through the process.

Pricing options

Noom is highly-priced if you choose to do a month-month subscription model, with the cost starting from $50, while Weight Watchers starts from as low as $14 a month. However, with a six-month subscription or even annually, Noom monthly cost can drop up to $20 monthly on average.

However, Weight Watchers pricing is categorized into three levels; Digital, workshops and digital, and coaching and digital each with different monthly costs. Generally, in the long run, Weight Watchers can be expensive, especially if you go with the coaching package.


The provision of weekly support and check-ins with the coach makes Noom unique compared to Weight Watchers. Members with the high-priced plan are entitled to access a coach. Noom users can keep track of their progress and make necessary adjustments with the advice from their respective coaches.

Food Tracking

Noom and Weight watchers apps both operate with the same philosophy or the mantra, “ no food is off-limits”. However, for Noom, food is categorized based on the following colors; Green, Yellow, and Red. Fruits and vegetables fall under the green level, yellow foods have rich content of protein while Red foods have high calories. Noom app encourages its users to at least consume food in each category but in moderation. Additionally, the help of daily lessons on habits, food choices and psychology helps the users understand their diet choices while adopting responsible habits eventually.

However, for WW food tracking is done through points, unlike Noom where one is encouraged to consume food from the three categories; for WW’s categories Green, Blue, and Purple the app decides for the user the food eaten based on their daily points budget.

Weight Loss Efficacy

When it comes to which app is efficient with weight loss, studies have shown that the two apps are effective in losing weight. Whether you go with Noom or WW, you are guaranteed to shade off some weight.

Apart from weight loss benefits, Noom fosters a healthy relationship with food, especially with the color-coded system one will be able to recognize and categorize food even after discontinuing the program. The same goes for WW, with the familiarity of the points system one can establish and implement healthier food choices in their lives. The downside to both apps is that there is no guarantee of maintaining the same zeal and weight once one is off the program.

In conclusion, Noom seems like a better weight loss diet program between the two. While it provides you with an opportunity to learn the use of the color-coded system, which is quite useful in the long run, its educational approach to foster understanding of food choices and psychology behind the same is resourceful to its users. However, this does not dismiss WW entirely, remember it has been operational for decades, so it is equally good and effective.

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