3 Website BackUp Options


It doesn’t matter whether you have just one web hosting account or if you have multiple servers, the options you have for backups are limited. The following are all possible backup solutions, but like many things, they come with limitations.

1. Backup Drive

Installing a second hard drive on your server for backup sounds like a good idea. If anything were to happen to the primary hard drive, the secondary backup drive is already in place.

However, even a secondary backup drive will do nothing to protect your data from any sort of major disaster.

If a tornado blows through or there’s an earthquake or fire, your server will be destroyed and so will any backup drives.

2. Home Computer

Using a home computer is possible the most common backup device that new web hosting users will use.

It makes no difference if it’s a laptop or desktop, you can always backup your website files and databases onto the hard drive.

You do however need to keep in mind that you use up your home’s bandwidth and your backups are only safe if the computer is safe.

You could accidentally wipe out your hard drive, get a virus, spill something on the computer and you’ll lose your backup.

3. Remote Storage

With remote storage, your backups are uploaded to a remote storage device, which could be a data center, or on a cloud storage service’s server.

However you do it, your backup data is separate from your sever. The only worry with this type of backup is your data is only as secure as the place where it is stored. Make sure you do your homework and research the facility before you use it.

Remote Storage is the ideal option, however it certainly doesn’t hurt anything to use 2 or all 3 of these back up options in case one fails.

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