Toys Want You To Take Care Of Them

Your Sex Toys Want You To Take Care Of Them For Healthy Sex Life

Sex toys can bring fantasies to life, help achieve multiple orgasms, and make your sex life more exciting. People spend so much time choosing the right toys and hiding them from others that they forget about the importance of cleaning their ‘little assistants.’

Using sex toys by yourself or with your partner can be extremely sexy, but bacteria that cause nasty infections can only ruin your night. To keep it easy and playful, find storage, and learn how to clean your sex toys.

About Sharing

Despite your wild sexual fantasies, you shouldn’t share your sex toys with others. It is like a toothbrush – it should have only one owner. If you have a moment of passion and want to share available toys with your lover, at least use condoms to avoid the spread of STDs.

If you are the only owner of a sex toy, you can use it without a condom. However, experts say that toys made out of jelly may contain chemicals called phthalates. So, you might want to protect yourself and cover it with a condom (just in case).

About Washing

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You need to wash your toys after every usage even if you are the only owner. It concerns everything – vibrators, sex dolls, dildos, kegel balls, butt plugs, etc. If you want to be 100% sure you are safe, wash it before every use as well. To motivate yourself to do so, keep in mind that washed toys can last longer. Otherwise, they can degrade and become discolored. Also, think what can happen when you don’t wash them after every usage: they can start rotting, you might get bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection.

Inspect your toys after every fun night and wash them with the right soap. For instance, you can use a dish or hand soap. Stay away from antibacterial soap though. At first, it looks like a good idea (hey, you need to kill bacteria anyway), but antibacterial soap can leave a residue and lead to disrupting the natural flora of genitals.

Another important thing is to avoid putting your sex toy with batteries into the water. Take a wet towel and clean it while holding in your hands.

There are a lot of different sex toys materials: pyrex, stainless steel, silicone, glass, hard plastic, jelly rubber, and nylon. If you don’t want to wonder what’s best for your toy, read carefully instructions on the label. In case you lost the package, follow these steps:

Wash vinyl, nylon, acrylic and jelly rubber with warm water and soap; dry it with a towel after cleaning.

If you have silicone sex toys or pyrex ones, you can put them even into your dishwater or boil them for 15 minutes so it can kill bacteria. Don’t boil it in case it is a battery-operated sex toy. Keep in mind that glass sex toys also shouldn’t be washed in hot temperatures.


Find The Storage

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A sex toy is a very intimate thing, so it can’t be placed in your drawer with everything. If you want your sexual journey to be safe, wrap your toys in a cloth bag; it will help avoid dust and hide it from unwanted attention.

Experts say that it is better to avoid storing your sex toys in plastic bags because of chemicals that can leach into them. Also, avoid putting the box with them under your bed, on a high shelf and any other place with great concentration of dust.


Let Them Serve You Longer

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Let’s admit it, some vibrators or dildos are pretty expensive. In fact, the most expensive sex toy on the market costs around 1 million dollars.

It is in your best interest to prolong the life of your favorite toy. To do so, you should take off the batteries out of it when you don’t use it. Also, consider getting rechargeable toys since they can last longer than battery-operated sex toys.

Remember to clean it before and after every usage; don’t share it with sexual partners and loan them to your best friends. To keep them in tip-top shape, use water-based lubricants.

Of course, nothing lasts forever, so once you see that they lose color, shape, sound weirdly, put them aside and find a new toy. You shouldn’t keep it for more than two years anyway. Sex toys will bring you a lot of joy, just take care of them, and you will never feel lonely again.

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