What To Wear On A Date: Tips For Gorgeous Women

Tips for Gorgeous Women

Stylish and fashionable clothes, good styles and silhouettes, nice accents will help any gorgeous woman look luxurious, stunning, and magnificent. When men chat with a single girl, they, first of all, pay attention to how they look. So, on a date, you have to amaze them.

Wear belts on your waist

A belt on the waist balances the body shape well. A fitted coat, X-silhouette dress, and a wide belt will be an excellent solution. Look at Adele or Ashley Graham. They wear dresses with belts on the waist and a three-quarter sleeve and look amazing!

Show the ankles

Girls often have nice ankles. If you are one of these women, then your choice is the length of the midi. The same can be done if you have elegant shoulders or wrists – boldly show them! Sleeve ¾ and an open shoulder line are for you.

Don’t wear oversized clothes

This may surprise you, but an overly loose cut is not the best choice. It would seem that it might be better to mask the extra volumes. But oversized styles, on the contrary, will make the shortcomings of the body even more visual and make it shapeless.

Mini length

Short skirts and dresses are not always appropriate. This truth will have to be remembered firmly. The recommended length is to the middle of the knee. Longer options are acceptable with high growth. For short girls, the length to the middle of the leg is not suitable.


Heels should be elegant and thin. Don’t wear platform shoes since all you get is an extension of your body proportions.

Large print and vibrant colors

What To Wear On A Date

You shouldn’t buy clothes with a large pattern. They will visually add volume to your shapes. It is completely worth abandoning clothes in a horizontal strip, but a vertical strip, on the contrary, will stretch the silhouette, making it slimmer.

Use small accessories

Small handbags, thin belts, and small jewelry have no place in your wardrobe. Wear medium-sized accessories. If you have a not very elegant neck and shoulders, avoid short necklaces and chokers. If you have big hands, don’t wear narrow bracelets and gloves.

Add verticals

A wide-open elongated vest, jacket, or cardigan will create a more elongated silhouette. The same goal can be achieved with the help of trousers with creases, a vertical zipper, a V-shaped neckline, or a long scarf freely falling from both sides.

Dress in the style of minimalism

Stylists agree that women look nice wearing basic things without unnecessary details and colorful prints. Get inspired by the style of Ashley Graham and wear a man’s shirt, classic jacket, or a strict coat.

Shirts and blouses

Fashionable blouses are necessary if you are going on a date. There are many blouses that make women look slim. They are made of lightweight fabrics, with an asymmetric edge (elongated at the back), and a lowered shoulder or 3/4 sleeve.

Show your best sides

You, like no one else, know your body. And you should understand that there is always something that can be showed: chest or legs are a good choice. Focus on your best sides but don’t overdo it.

Fabrics and textures

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When choosing clothes, you need to pay attention not only to the style and color but also to the texture of the fabric. Not only thin knitwear but also very thick relief fabrics are not suitable for many women.

Tight clothes

Many women are convinced that putting on tight things, they make their bodies slimmer. In fact, they achieve the opposite result. Why demonstrate your flaws? If you want to buy a dress with a narrow silhouette, then you should choose a sheath dress made of thick fabric. This dress keeps its shape and makes the body look better.

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