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How Stigmatised Should The Escorting Industry Truly Be?

The World of Escorting is a side of the Adult Industry that has always had its stigmas and, ultimately, an association with the sex trade, aka. prostitution. It is due to this that it has been stereotyped as “taboo”, rather than a trade that brings people together who have been trained to help those that are romantically isolated.

Whilst sex is a part of the offered escorting package, what causes these stereotypes to form is the lack of knowledge about the Escorting Business in general. This trade is notoriously difficult to get into or find any information about what it is actually about.

Most clients dive in and simply learn as they go along, but if there was more information available that discussed the Escorting Industry, it certainly would not be classified as “dirty” and its Adult Companions as “trashy.”


What is an Escort?

Escorting Industry Truly Be_4

If you think of the word Escort, you may just naturally think extremely slanderous terminology that is associated with the idea of a “whore” or a “tramp”.

Naturally, assumptions may also include that an Escort solely earns money by spreading her legs and waiting for the experience to be over. But this is an extremely damaging stereotype and should be fully addressed for the dangerous stigma that it attaches to those within this Adult Industry.

An Escort is paid for providing companionship to a number of different clients. Of course, some may ask for sex or may just want to meet up in a hotel room, but the rabbit hole of Companionship goes down a lot deeper than just that.

An Adult Companion is not only there to sexually satisfy their clients, but is also there to provide comfort, support and the opportunity of friendship to those who may be socially/romantically isolated.

Take, for instance, the idea that there is an extremely awkward and shy man who just does not have the confidence to date, a young man who is currently overwhelmed by his heavy-going job and has no time to meet new people, or perhaps an older man with a stable job but a crumbling personal marriage and is going through a divorce.

Both of these individuals, and many others require support and friendship needed to get them through this trying period of their lives.

Some of them just do not have the support networks needed to help them. This is why they go to see an Escort, so they can get the social, sexual and, most importantly, the emotional support that they need to carry on in their day to day lives.

Some Escorts take their Clients to a hotel room for sexual gratification, but others may not even make it that far. Some clients literally sit with their escort in a living room and simply cuddle and cry upon them. It is the emotional release that they need to keep on functioning, and their Escorts are fully prepared to assist them in any way that they can.

Meeting an Escort is basically like having a relationship that is based entirely on your terms. Whilst your Escort will have her own boundries and expectations, you will decide on where to meet, where to go, what you want to do and how much money you ultimately spend on the date.

In return, your Escort will provide you with her entertainment skills. She will wine, dine and build up your confidence like a true professional. This is what truly distinguishes her from a common prostitute. She is an entertainer, not a whore.


What is the History of the Escorting Industry?

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Escorting, like Prostitution, is honestly one of the oldest careers in the book. Before it was deemed as “taboo” or “immoral”, it was actually seen as a form of worship in temples until the 4th AD. That marked the arrival of Christianity and in the 18th Century, a need appeared to start protecting the rights of women and, ultimately, escorts and prostitutes.

As is similar to the present, many clients slept with Escorts and Prostitutes but then refused to pay for them. However, if you did end up becoming a successful escort, then you could find yourself in a powerful position.

Only the highest of authorities could use your sort of services, meaning that the Escorts were seen as prizes for only the most high-end of clients. Whilst they were forced to wear different distinctive clothing to mark their Escorting Lifestyle, this did not disuade them from partaking in the trade.

Some even became known as celebrities, being known for their distinct dances that they were used to entertain their guests and clients. However, there was a flip side where those who had been brought in from other countries were forced into the life style. This also included women who took part in criminal activities in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Interestingly, the idea of becoming an Escort as a career choice actually happend during the Middle Ages. However, this did not come without its lower-class stigmas and chastation from the church and the nobility.

It was a different world back then in comparison to the position of the Escorting Trade in the present. Whilst there are companies and agencies to protect Escorts, that does not mean that this career comes without its faults.

Some Clients still see Escorts as sex objects, not beautiful women that have taken the time to fully hone in their entertaining skills. This stigma can truly damage and escort’s career, especially if her friends, family and the hotels she conducts her work find out about her career choice.


Your Escort is not just a Whore!

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When it comes to meeting your Escort, you need to realise that she is not just a sexual object. The woman you are meeting has thoughts, feelings and is ready to share them with you over dinner.

She is an individual and is certainly not prepared to put up with any client that is prepared to treat her as a sex object. Standards are what differentiate a Prostitute from an Escort.

Whilst neither will take any form of emotional or physical brutality, Escorts demand a certain level of cleaniliness and respect to be held for both them and their profession.

However, due to the stigma associated with their profession, if an Escort does experience violence or a potentially harmful client, then they might not even be able to get help outside of The Ugly Mugs Reporting Service. The Exotic Escort Diary, a blog set up by an anonymous high-end escort, has even noted that whilst legally Escorts

“may have rights and can get justice in certain countries. But the problem is, the social stigma (and sometimes quasi-legal laws) prevents us from doing so.”

The very notion that someone could know of an Escort’s Career not only could create some tension between them and their families, but some have experienced clients that have threatened to “expose” them if they do not provide free service. Whilst there is always risk associated with the sex trade, Adult Workers should certainly not have to deal with this level of harrassment or feel so isolated that they cannot go to the authorities about it.

It is important to distinguish between the Sexual Services themselves and the Escort’s body that is providing them. You would not go to a restaurant and ask for a free meal or go to a store and ask for a free product, so why would you go to an Escort and demand free sexual services or a free date? Treat your Companion with the respect they deserve and you will always be welcomed back with open arms by your Escort.


Legal Services

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The Law of the UK surrounding Sexual Services is that whilst these sort of services may be immoral, as long as the arrangements are made between two consenting adults, then no one can be legally penalised. The only thing that can change this is if the actual arrangement causes a public nuisance. This also means that if two adults agree to a “money for sex” arrangement, that is it still completely legal.

The only thing that can warrant legal arrest is if there is a solicitations for sex, aka. brothel work. However, as Escorting Agencies, which could appear as brothels, claim to promote the entertainment side of Escorting, rather than any sexual services, what happens between two consenting adults is their own business. That means any stigmas associated with the legality of Escorting are completely unfounded.

Whether you go online to look up an Independent Escort or research different Escorting Agencies, such as Supa Escorts, you have to realise that you will not be penalised for doing this. It will certainly not have the authorities sent to your door. Even if you go through with seeing an Escort, any activities between your and your companion are strictly your own business. This is why the illegal stereotype associated with Escorting should be completely stripped away. It just simply is not true.


Societal Stigmas against the Sex Trade

Escorting Industry Truly Be

The Sex Trade itself is a dangerous world. Not because of the workers within it, or the fact that they offer sex, but the fact that there is no proper authority that monitors it. The stigmas that Escorts encounter every day are brutal, especially if they lose friends and family over it. If an Escort is assaulted then who can they go to truly seek help? They are too embarrassed to go seek proper justice, so more than often just sit in silence and refuse to come forward.

This is why if people are truly interested in helping those in the Escorting Industry, a start would be to not turn a blind eye to those who are truly in need. It is time to be more open about the Escorting Industry as a whole and allow people to make up their own minds about whether or not they need the emotional support that an Escort can ultimately provide.

It is their lifestyle, not your own, so who are you to make judgements on it?

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