Aesthetically Pleasing: 5 Stunning Candle Holders for Your Table Set Up

Stunning Candle Holder

Do you ever feel like taking a pause from your exhausting day at work? Overloaded paper works and endless encoding tasks make you pretty burnout. By the time you reach your place, it’s nothing but a bunch of trash and unwanted stuff lying on the floor. Therefore, it is recommended for you to take a break and have some precious time for yourself.

Nothing’s more relaxing after setting up your room table and lit up with some glittering candle lights. To add more spice to your candles, stylish candle holders are perfect for your table set up. Southern Lights Candle Co is offering their classic style candle holders that come with superb quality. Here are some of their popular candle holders that are perfectly matched with their candles you will surely adore.

Glass Cube Taper Holder

There are types of candles that are difficult to place. The first candle holder is perfect for the mini and slender candles you want to light up on your table, which features a 4-centimeter by 4-centimeter clear glass. This holder is available at the Southern Lights Candle Co site. This candle holder is initially designed to keep the candle from falling out of the holder.

When lighting up some candles, you should also observe precautionary measures. The Glass Cube Taper Holder makes the candle intact until it melts down. This candle holder offers a very affordable and premium quality suitable for your narrow-type candles.

Floating Tealight Holder

Another type of candle holder is suitable for small types of candles. This stylish Floating Tealight Holder is designed by Southern Lights with a clear tea glass. The unique floating effect of this candle holder is one of the most famous styles from Southern Lights. It has a height of 4 cm long and a 7 cm diameter. It’s perfect for aesthetic “Instagram-worthy” photos for your table set up.

Furthermore, suppose you have a Tealight candle holder for your scented candles. In that case, it emanates more of the relaxing energy inside the room since its incredible structure is very pleasing to the eye. Southern Lights Candle Co ensures its valid clients that Floating Tealight Holder is perfect for table set up in different kinds of events, and it helps keep the contained wax and the everlasting flame of the candles. 

Halcyon Taper Holder-Gilda

The third collection of Southern Lights candle holders was inspired by luxury and a product of combined classic shapes and contemporary designs called Halcyon Collections. If you want your table set up to be fancy, here comes the Halcyon Taper Holder in Gold. This candle holder was designed with bold geometric lines and finished with a fine brush of gold.

Halcyon Taper Holder is perfect to use as a candle ornament because of its glamorous statement piece suitable for your glass candle sleeves. Now your candle set up won’t be dull anymore. This gold candle holder radiates elegant home decorations at a very affordable price. Southern Lights never fails to offer you distinctive, elegant styles of candle holders. 

Halcyon Taper Holder-Odessa

Another inspiration for the vintage and modern design of the candle holder is the Halcyon Taper Holder Odessa. This candle stand is one of the unique products under Halcyon Collections. It is a deluxe collection that is inspired by the decadence of the Art Deco Era. Similar to the former collection, Halcyon Taper Holder-Odessa is also refined, brushed gold finish embedded with intricate geometric lines.

This candle holder has a size of 8cm by 40 cm with a plate-like design at the bottom, perfect for placing on a plain surface in your table set up with matching flower ornaments on the side. Halcyon Candleholder is suitable to pair with the other colored taper candles to add more spice to your table decorations.

Palm Cove Glass Jar-Clear

The last Southern Lights Collection of candle tapers come with a cover. The Palm Cove Glass Jar is designed for small candles on your table. This clear fluted glass jar has a height of 4 cm and has a total diameter of 9.5 cm. This candle holder collection is distinctive from any candle holder since you can cover your candlelight with its stylish lid.

Furthermore, Palm Cove Glass Jar has an intricate zigzag design enabling its cover to be intact. This jar style may not only hold your candles, but you can also store colorful ornamental stone and other mini decorations inside it. Thus, it is a multifunctional candle holder. Absolute fit for your table, set up decorations like tea light effect and keep the flame and candle wax.


Lighting up a candle is essential in many ways, such as remembering the memory of the death of your loved ones, dinner parties, alternative light, or simply for relaxation and many more. It is also essential to find candle holders for preventive measures and decorative purposes to have more pleasing and elegant table setups.

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