4 Tips For A More Secure Password

Secure Password

It can be quite the hassle keeping your website and server safe from attacks. However, one simple component that is often overlooked is password security.

A weak password makes it much easier for attackers to hack a website and access data. The following tips will help you to always maintain secure password.

1. Use A Password Generator

Find yourself a good, well trusted password generator. Password generators are used to create difficult passwords that contain both letters and numbers and a variation in case.

2. Memorize A Strong Password

Most people will use simple passwords because they are easy to remember. However, most people are able to memorize songs, phone numbers, etc. You can easily memorize a more complex password too!

3. Change You Password Often

Many programs out there require you change your password once a month in order to maintain security so you should do the same! Changing your password often helps keep your website safe.

It won’t matter if someone eventually figures out your password, because by that time, you will have already changed it to a new one.

4. Get to Know Your Weaknesses

Knowing your weaknesses is very important in security because often times, attackers already know them too. It is easy to figure out a password that contains only letters and numbers or family member names.

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