The Secret Life of Museums During the Lockdown

Secret Life of Museums

Before March 2020, the world was running smoothly. Most businesses, including the museums, art galleries, and automaty, were running flawlessly. Then the Covid-19 pandemic happened, and the whole world crashed. Just like other businesses, the museums and art galleries across the world had to close down. While most workers had to work from home, some had to be left behind closed doors to care for the country’s best treasures. The curators, cleaners, art handlers, security guards, and conservators have been busy during the pandemic period. The biggest problem has been that tourists could no longer visit museums and art galleries. 

Sacrifices During the Pandemic

As local and foreign tourists could no longer tour the museums and art galleries, due to Covid-19, these places have had no business. While the few working inside these places have enjoyed some peace and a refuge from the pandemic’s effects, they have missed interactions with the general public.  

Moreover, they have been forced to do their work and the jobs that their colleague would do before the pandemic. Some tasks cannot be done from home, such as caring for the flesh-eating insects that strip the meat from dead specimens until only skeletons are left. Specimens preserved in alcohol and formalin must be inspected often.

Museums and art galleries use a lot of ethanol as a preservative. Someone has to inspect the buildings regularly for fire risks due to ethanol and water leaks. A lot of materials are kept in freezers before processing. As the concerned staff has been working from home during the pandemic, the few who can work must do the processing. In short, some museum workers have been forced to overwork themselves to preserve their nation’s historic treasures. Elsewhere in healthcare facilities, doctors, nurses, scientists, and other professionals have been working tirelessly to treat sick people and halt the virus. 

During ordinary times, museums and art galleries worldwide depend on their workforce to identify and report items that require immediate attention. Then specialists are called upon to investigate and solve the identified issues. Since the onset of the Corona pandemic, this has been impossible. The few staff that can still make it to work have had to sacrifice their time and expertise to ensure that museums and galleries will have nice things to show after the pandemic ends. 

How Have the Museums and Art Gallery Workers Been Surviving?

The Covid-19 pandemic has been with us for almost a full year now. So, what secret plan has allowed museums and art gallery workers to survive? Some specialists, such as Natasha McEnroe, a historian, have been involved in a new project of collecting things that relate to the Corona pandemic. While she laments that this is a project she never wanted to do, as it is based on a sad story, some of the items she has gathered are reflections of human cleverness in the face of misfortune. Something like a vial and syringe will stay in the museum forever and always remind people of what they had to deal with before. 

Finally, museums and galleries have been preparing for when the pandemic will be contained and visitors allowed visiting again. Most workers feel sad without the public and are looking forward to having them.

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