5 Unbreakable Rules Between Best Friends

Rules Between Best Friends

Everyone has a best friend. Whether it’s mom, a friend from childhood, or a workplace colleague, best friends help process life’s most interesting challenges. They’re often behind-the-scenes cheerleaders, as well, pushing their loved one to new heights and cushioning any big falls.

Whether a person has a romantic interest or not, a best friend is often the person they spend quite a bit of time with. There are practical matters, like driving someone to and from the doctor’s office or signing on as a guarantor at a new apartment. 

Then there are the sweeter aspects of life, like taking advantage of refer a friend promotions for online gaming deals or becoming a member at a retail location (Sephora Star, anyone?). After all, there’s no doubt that life is better together, whether playing video slots or learning how to contour.

But to keep a best friend happy, there’s often an unspoken list of dos and don’ts. Some rules can be stretched, while others are non-negotiable. Let’s take a look at five of the most important bonds between best friends.

Don’t Put Baby in the Corner

A best friend shouldn’t have to compete for notice or attention. Life can become hectic, with schedules packed and responsibilities piling up. There are times when stress can make anything more than a phone call unrealistic, but true friends know never to shut out their bestie.

Even if a dinner or shopping trip isn’t in the cards, a FaceTime call or other video chat only takes a few minutes—and a best friend can always carve out some time.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Most people are either too passive or polite to say how they really feel—this is where a best friend can be a lifesaver. The store clerk may not have mentioned a pair of pants weren’t flattering or that red really isn’t someone’s color. A best friend will burn the pants and throw out the red article—no questions asked.

This goes for life’s harder lessons, too. A best friend will be there to speak the truth when it comes to dead-end jobs, romantic interests that don’t make the cut, and changing up health routines.

Heavy Lifting Happens

A best friend isn’t just a smiling cohort; they’re also a valuable resource. As mentioned above, best friends often do the heavy lifting in times of need. This can mean providing transportation to and from the doctor’s office, helping someone move across town, or providing a loan for a necessary purchase.

It may feel like work driving someone to the airport at 4 am, but it’s invaluable to know that someone has your back in life’s most inconvenient moments.

Love Balance

A romantic partner can throw a wrench into even the most solid friendships. However, a proper bestie knows to leave room for the newcomer. After all, every person has a finite amount of time, love, and energy to share with those around them.

A best friend knows to balance their needs with that of a new romantic partner without butting into their affairs. They’ll also be responsible for raising any red flags they see from afar.

Lots of Cheerleading

Also mentioned above, being a long-term best friend often means providing support. This can be practical, like the heavy lifting discussed above, or it can be emotional. A best friend knows when and how to push someone to new heights, challenging them to live to their life’s highest purpose.

Just like a best friend will pick someone up after a tough fall, they’ll also help elevate them by encouraging new challenges, whether that’s enrolling in night school or repairing a relationship with a sibling.

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