Is Project Free TV Legal?

Project Free TV

All of us watch Games of Throne on HBO. Most of us don’t like to pay the subscription amount. And thus here you have a way to watch games of thrones or such other premium shows free of cost then we have a solution for you. With Project Free TV, you can watch all this and much more free of cost.

Project Free TV gathers videos from all over the website. Project free TV is highly user friendly and free of cost. You get options here which are extremely easy to use. But you won’t get the creators name or even the date of inception of this website. Many believe that this website was started in 2009 and it hit the end lines in 2015.

Many believe that Project Free TV is offline now or has undergone some major changes. Many say that Project Free TV is completely legal. But you must remember that it is only a search engine and not a video hosting site. The job of Project Free TV is to gather videos or external links from elsewhere and thus give it to the audience. Viewers also say that because of copyright issues project free TV is not accessible to viewers.

But there are many people in the online domain who are of a view that we must block such pirated websites. And thus they have tried a number of attempts on project free TV to block the same. Project Free TV does not require active monitoring but it is also not allowed to hold copyright issues of other shows. And the website would be punished if any of it’s users are found to be carrying any copyright or any objectionable content.

Project free TV can directly be sued if any kind of legally punishable or any original content having any copyright issues is found on their website. Many also believe that yes there are a number of instances at Project Free TV where the site can be used for a number of illegal websites. Many believe that Project Free TV was created only to ship illegal content and thus this website is extremely popular among people who want to watch pirated content free of cost without paying anything.

There are a number of legal cases against Project Free TV. But project TV creators always believe in the art of innocence and ignorance. In 2010, there was a classic case of copyright issue. Viacom sued YouTube in 2010 and said that rampant infringement is taking place at this website.

So, as per all the above discussion it can safely be concluded that Project Free TV is a free of cost website where you can watch a variety of content completely free of cost. All this content does not have any copyright issue. And thus any legal actions can not be taken against Project Free TV.

So, now since the creators of Project Free TV are saying that this is a complete legal website then our question is why was the website offline for some time. but the million dollar question here in favour of Project Free TV is that till date someone is unable to prove that they have illegal or copyright content till that date the website is pretty much safe.

Most of the content at Project Free TV is illegal but there is no worry for the consumers because for them this is not an illegal issue to watch pirated content. So, viewers of Project Free TV are 100% safe. But you must remember that if you are downloading and then watching then it’s illegal. Because it is completely illegal to download copyright or pirated content.

But everyone asks if Project Free TV is legal then why did they go offline for some time. The major reason is as told by the unidentified creators that they had some bad law issues which were created because of linking problems and thus the website went offline for some time. so, it’s still unknown what the real issue was. But we as consumers are pretty much safe and thus there is no need to worry. We can watch project free tv’s content but yes downloading them can put us in some serious trouble.

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