A Plantsman’s Guide: 6 Plants Best to Grow At Home

A Plantsman's Guide

When you’re faced with stress and anxiety, the act of gardening or even just placing plants in your home could decrease stress and help create a livelier environment. Additionally, plants are essential not only to the ecosystem but also to give benefits to humans. Also, they make life here on earth possible.

If different plants surround a house, it could enhance your area’s overall appearance and help eliminate or lessen pollution. Also, some plants are not just planted for beautification purposes, but most are also edible. To give you ideas, here are options on which plants you could start planting at home:

Black-Eyed Susan

The Black-eyed Susan is also known as Rudbeckia Hirta. It is a relatively large wildflower plant, and its height could range from thirty to ninety centimeters. Rudbeckia is a classic old-fashioned beauty with its central cone in color black; that’s why it’s called “black-eyed” and surrounded by some beautiful yellow-colored petals.

In growing this plant, any soil type would do, but it requires well-drained moist soil, especially during their growing season. Also, they are not hard to take care of and are low maintenance. Additionally, they’re so special because they symbolize two things: encouragement and motivation. Check out Gardener’s Path to know more about them.

Areca Palm

An Areca Palm, or commonly known as either butterfly palm or yellow palm, is a flowering plant that is famous for being a good houseplant. Also, it is best to grow during spring, although its growth rate could be either slow or moderate.

This plant is great for gardeners who want to start with something easy to grow, and not to mention, it is inexpensive and found both indoors and outdoor areas. It requires regular watering but does not like to be overwatered as it could result in having brown leaves. Thus, during the hot season, make a way to at least make the soil slightly moist.

Money Plant

If you’re looking for a push in your financial needs, you may want to consider having money plants and move them from time to time in your house; besides, there’s no hurt in trying as they are considered to promote abundance and wealth in the house. It is a perennial plant that bears heart-shaped leaves, and it could be grown as either a climber or trailer.

Taking care of it is an easy task. And, usually, they are found indoors. Its growth range is incredible as it can grow as high as twelve feet and is also considered one of the best plants for beginners.


Tulsi is a perennial plant that is also termed holy basil. Tulsi’s can grow indoors regardless of any climate type. It features a bushy shrub capable of growing up to eighteen inches long and a long stem that is hairy-like and sprouts oval-shaped leaves. If you happen to see different varieties, its color ranges from light green to a dark color purple.

A Tulsi could grow fast, ideally in about seven to fifteen days. For this to happen, the soil must be kept moist until the germination of the seeds happens. Also, it is essential to know that Tulsi’s seeds are very sensitive, and using a spray bottle to water and moisten the surface of the soil would be a great alternative.


Tomatoes are a flowering plant planted by many people since it’s best to be added to any kind of dish and are very nutritious. They are known to be a good source of different vitamins such as Vitamin C, potassium, folate, and many more and antioxidants. Also, they could grow roots along with their stems.

So, keep in mind that you must plant it deep into the soil when you plan on planting this. They are usually branched and could look like they are trailing when they bear fruit since they could spread from 24-72 inches. Also, tomato leaves could grow 18 inches long, and both of the leaves and stem have hairy-like features called trichomes.


Pansies are large-flowered plants usually found in gardens. People love pansies because their attractive colors range from yellow, gold, purple, orange, white, and more. The flowers and leaves of pansies are edible and could be a great source of Vitamins A and C. Thus, it is usually used to decorate some dishes.

They are not hard to take care of and should be placed in areas where they could feel the morning sun, but they should also give them a shade of heat from the intense afternoon sun. To keep it healthy and well-bloomed, using organic soil may help, and it must be well-drained.


Growing plants could be made easy if you know the conditions you should consider for them to grow. They could also be a perfect past-time when you are bored. With knowledge and effort, you can start your gardening journey in no time! Thus, mentioned above are the six best plants you could grow in the comfort of your home.

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