Top 6 New Hair Styles For 2020

New Hair Styles For 2020

Spring is in the air, and with it, a desire for a little change. This season, low-maintenance and easy are back in, though there are still a few intensive styles that are trendy that are sure to ‘wow’!

1. The Wet & Glistening Looking

Wet & Glistening Looking

Wet, wild, and beautiful is back in season. Hairstylist Guido shepherded the glistening hair style at quite a few fashion shows, giving the models a wet, barely-wrung hairdo by the artistic application of argan oil. Victoria Beckham has adopted this low-maintenance, sexy hair style that is best partnered with bold eyes or lips.

2. The Ponytail

One style that has never quite fallen out of style is the ponytail. There is a lot that can be done with the ponytail, but there are three specific methods that are currently in. First, you can wear it low and flat, sectioned off and tucked under, or super slicked and damp. Pony tails aren’t just quick fixes anymore, Gwineth Paltrow has recently been seen sporting one on the red carpet and it looked fabulous!

3. The Urban Wave

The Urban Wave

If you like a quick, easy style, you aren’t the only one. Kate Moss, a world-renown model with a turbulent private life, has taken to the wave, adding just the right level of unkemptness to be chic while maintaining the sexy look that suits her waifish figure. Best of all, this street-ready style is easy to pull off, requiring a rough blow dry and subtle curl that is raked through with the fingers.

4. Embellished Updos

If you’re one for embellishments, this season is perfect for you. Teased chignons secured with cage barrettes were a hit at Yves Saint Laurent while hair pins and erratic locks stole the show at Phillip Lim. For those who like a little more, feathers were in at Jason Wu, and Chanel had pearl-adorned knots that evoked more than a little excitement.

5. Blowouts

With blowouts this season, the bigger the better definitely applies. Voluminous, bouncy blowouts are back in, and with a generous amount of mousse and pin curls, this style is manageable by just about anyone.

6. Braids and Twists

Braids and Twists

For those who want extravagance and elegance, elaborate plaits that twist around the head in natural coronets were in, as seen at Valentino. Full length, cascading braids were at Michael Kors. Last, but not least, the casual pinned up look was the inspiration at Armani. Actress Keira Knightley has picked up the braids and twists style making an appearance with it at the premiere of “A Dangerous Method” at the Mayfair Hotel in London.

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