Everything You Need to Know Before the First Lick

First Lick

Guy’s first time

Finally, one thing led to another and here you are with the girl you find attractive and she wants you to kiss her. Down there. And you’ve never ever did it. Is this your nightmare scenario? Here are some tips and tricks to keep you on the safe side when this finally happens in real life.

First of all, you need to be relaxed. If she sees your hands are shaking and your voice trembles, she might start to be nervous, and that’s gonna lead nowhere. For oral, just like for other sex, you need to be in good mood. Anxiety is not one of those. Try to repeat to yourself that all you need to do is to read her body language and she will be your guide and everything’s gonna be just fine.

Second, go to foreplay first. Play with her hair, with her lips, with her body. Make her horny and wet by adding the anticipation in your movements. Let her crave for it, but not for too long, b/c it can create a contra effect.

Third thing is to go down on her. Be extremely careful not to make your tongue hard and pointy, but more soft and nice. Lick and kiss the whole area down there except the clit. Make her wanting you even more.

After all this you can kiss the clit, but very, very gently. Remember, hard strokes and fast movements are for porn, they are fake and made for you to jerk off, not to copy and paste that technique in your bedroom. Cunnilingus is sensual activity. The more gentle you are, the better head you will give.

Of course, at the end of the sensual play she might ask you to do it faster or harder, or both. Do as you are told and enjoy the “thank you” sex afterwords. You may apply a gentle suction on her clit, you can tongue-fuck her, lick around the vaginal opening and you can write your name on her clit using your tongue. Or, better, a short story.

Now, if you ask yourself what’s the taste of it and how it smells, the answer is not so simple. Have you ever licked a battery? Or salted milk? Or licked the bottom of empty tuna can? Or tasted a pungent sweet orange? Well, neither did I, but use your imagination. It can taste great and sweet, it can have rancid smell. It depends greatly on not only hygiene, but also on the food the girl had eaten, the period of her menstrual cycle, hormonal balance and other factors.

The most important thing to remember is to go slowly and follow her reactions. If she moans and breathes deeply, she likes it and you should keep on doing what you were doing. Her reactions will show you the path to lick her out. Remember it and repeat it. Find out what is it that she likes and you are comfortable doing and apply it over and over again. After you master the techniques that suits you and her best, you will smile widely when you hear “All right! Pussy, pussy, pussy, come on in pussy lovers!”

Girl’s first time

Ok, so you find the guy you like and he likes you. You were making out and you feel like you want to go one step further. He wants to give you head and you might be asking what to expect. How it feels like? Is it like tingling? Does it hurt? Will you lose your virginity if you are a virgin? What should you say to him? Or should you say anything?

For starters, try to relax. If you are all tensed, you will not be able to enjoy, and if you do not enjoy, he might think that he’s doing something wrong and it’s gonna lead to disaster with him trying to fix things up by skipping from the movements you would otherwise find pleasurable.

Do not worry about the taste and smell of your vagina. Keep the hygiene routines on the high level. After all, it’s a vagina, not a rose garden. Never use any kind of perfumes in that area.

Before you let him lick you out, ask him not to penetrate you if you do not feel like ready for it. And yes, your hymen might be hurt during cunnilingus, so if you are a virgin and intend to stay one, just tell him that. When the game starts, do not be afraid to ask him to be more gentle if he’s not or not to be so gentle if you do not feel a thing he’s doing with his tongue. Relax and enjoy. You are the queen of the universe now. His queen.

What should you tell him after the play? Well, anything you feel like saying. If you liked it, say so. If it was not so good, tell him that. Like, you don’t want him doing the same lousy licking on you again, don’t you? The best thing would be to guide him with “I like it like that, but more harder/faster/slower/gently”, “Do the same thing but go one centimeter up/down”… It may sound like a navigation, but imagine the final result!

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