Top 3 Movies About Horses

Movies About Horses

Horses are the most charming animals in the world. People who aren’t interested in other sports watch horse races. Some of them even read books and watch movies on this topic. These are top films about horses.

1. War Horse, 2011

In the movie, Joey and Albert went all the way through World War I to meet each other again. They grew up on an English farm. They toiled together, had fun together, and met the news of war together. One of history’s most violent periods began with blood sacrifices. The horse is sold to the front, and the loving owner tries to enlist in the troops to serve alongside his friend. But Albert does not qualify by age.

Joey ends up in an English cavalry regiment. Then he gets in German, then stays with an elderly German raising a seriously ill granddaughter. But finally, he is again in the UK. To the horse, all people, regardless of skin color and even more so the color of their uniforms, are simply divided into a kind and cruel, caring and indifferent, and both die in war.

2. Black Beauty, 1994

In this film, a horse named Black Beauty will tell his story. Viewers will learn how he first saw the light and smelled his mother, how he struggled to stand up for the first time, how he tasted speed and the taste of iron in his mouth, how he learned what horseshoes are, and how he realized that all his congeners are different not only in color but also in character. The film is made with great respect for strong and graceful animals. Black Beauty has met people you will really want to give to the radical conservationists. But, thankfully, there were better people.
This is a family movie. The bad and the good are clearly seen here while, in the background, beautiful creatures run, jump, dance, suffer for fashion, and save lives.

3.The Horse Whisperer,1998

One day, fourteen-year-old Grace calls her best friend Judith for a horseback ride. Riding is a chance for both of them to escape the world into their own, comfortable, kind, and free world. But the ride ends in tragedy. One of the horses slips and both young riders are hit by the wheels of a truck. Judith dies. Grace’s leg is amputated. The girl loses her best friend, the opportunity to compete and ride her favorite horse.

These terrible events drive Grace’s parents far apart. As a result, the teen finds herself on the verge of suicide. Annie, the girl’s mother, understands that the only thing that will bring her daughter back to life is her horse, Pilgrim. But the animal was also badly hurt in that disaster. Now the horse is terrified of people. Annie has no intention of giving up. She is ready to leave her job and her husband and travel to the other side of the country to meet horse charmer Tom Booker.

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