3 Ways to Minimize Download Bandwidth

Minimize Download Bandwidth

Blogs are often one of the most successful websites. This is because they are constantly being updated by the author as well as by the users who leave comments. As a result, the more your blog traffic grows, the more bandwidth you will be using.

Minimizing download bandwidth will not only reduce the cost of your bandwidth, but it will also make your website operate faster. The following are 3 ways that will help you reduce the amount of bandwidth that downloads use.

  • File Hosting – File hosting is both easy to set up and affordable. Some websites will require you to sign up or wait an extended period of time before downloading. Make sure you have one set up that will make it easy for users to access your files.
  • File Compression – If your website offers users software or media for downloading, you can compress these files using zip, tar+gzip, bzip2, or any other compression method.
  • P2P File Sharing – Peer-to-peer file sharing allows you to offer large file downloads without having to worry about bandwidth costs. With P2P files sharing, users will share your files, which will help to dramatically reduce the impact on your server.
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