What Is Martin Lawrence Net Worth

Martin Lawrence Net Worth

Martin Lawrence, middle name Fitzgerald, is an actor, screenwriter, stand-up comedian, film producer and director. Martin rose to the prominence in the 90s, when he got the leading roles in such movies like Blue Streak, Big Mama’s House and Bad Boys. He is also widely recognized for his own TV series named after him, Martin, which were aired in the period 1992-1997. Martin Lawrence net worth is currently estimated at $110 million dollar in 2020 according to celebritynetworth.com.

Marin was born in Germany in mid 60s. Both of his parents were American and named their second child after an influential civil rights defender Martin Luther King. Martin was given his second name in honor of 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Martin’s parents separated when he was still a child. After that the boy barely saw his father, who started working as a police officer after his military service with the US Army came to an end.

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Except M. F. Lawrence there were five more children in the family and his single mother had to take several jobs in order to support them alone. During this period of deprivation it was hard to believe that one day Martin Lawrence net worth will be over $100 millions. While still in high school Martin excelled boxing and was considered very perspective in this field. Despite the promises of rewarding career in the ring, Lawrence decided that his true passion and talent lies with comedy. Judging from the current Martin Lawrence net worth this was a smart choice.

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After he made his mind Martin moved to Denver and started to perform in Kings Wood, the club that has seen many rising comedy stars. Soon after appearing at this club Martin was invited to take part in a comedy competition on the TV show Star Search. After an intense fight Martin lost in a final round, but that does not mean that his efforts were useless. During this show Lawrence has caught the eye of some television executives and was offered a role on situation comedy What’s Happening Now!! This was Martin’s television debut.

After these series were cancelled he appeared on several other shows and movies, including Talking Dirty After Dark, Do The Right Thing, Boomerang and House Party. During this period Martin was noticed by Russell Simmons, an entertainment business magnate and co-founder of pioneering label Def Jam Records. He offered Lawrence to host the series Def Comedy Jam. This show provided Martin with mainstream exposure and soon he was offered to film in his own TV series. Martin was first aired in 1992. As the ratings of the show rocketed, so did Martin Lawrence net worth.

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