Is Mangastream no longer alive? 20 alternative ways to Read Manga instantly


For manga comic readers, there is nothing better than Mangastream. But you will be very sad to know that the same is not available any more on the internet. And thus here we are giving you some super alternatives to read Manga. 

Today is the digital age and thus most of the people love to watch web series or tune in to some or the other entertainment applications. But there are still people who love to read comics and thus this is for them. 

Today motion pictures have undergone quite a lot of popularity. But thanks to some people, comics are still quite popular in India. And trust me there are huge numbers of people who will love to read Manga comics. 

What do you understand by Mangastream? 

Mangastream is the website of Manga comics. And the same is also available online. You can easily read your favourate Japanese comics here. 

There are fan ad users of Manga comics who can translate this comics into English, French, Italian and many other different languages. This is one of the most visited websites for manga comics because you won’t be charged anything extra here. This website is online since a decade and thus you can have a look at the huge collection of Manga comics here.

Mangastream – Is it close? 

Yes, Mangastream website has been closed because of several reasons. The very first reason is to promote the legal content here. The makers of Manga comics wanted the original content to be produced only at the legal sources and thus this website was shut down. And this is the reason original manga owners filed a complaint and thus this website was taken down. 

What happened to the website Manga Stream? 

Manga stream is no longer active and this website has been completely taken down. But it has been seen that is active. This is said to be the clone site. 

What is the reason of Mangastream being taken down? 

Original Manga owners have taken legal action against this website and thus this website is shut down. The major reason is that the rightful owners wanted the original content to be produced only at legally appropriate places. 

Have a look at the huge list of Mangastream alternative websites 

There are a number of websites like Mangastream. We have presented and listed down some of the top websites which have quite updated and high quality content just like Mangastream. 

Let’s have a look at the list given below – 

  1. MangaDex
  2. MangaFox
  3. MangaOwl
  4. MangaPark
  5. MangaTown
  6. MangaHere
  7. MangaReborn
  8. TenManga
  9. MangaReader
  10. MangaKakalot
  11. MangaPanda
  12. MangaEden
  13. Mangago
  14. Mangairo
  15. KissManga
  16. Manganelo
  17. MangaFreak
  18. Comixology
  19. ToonGet

Let’s have a look at the detailed list of the alternate websites where you can read Manga – 

manga stream

  1. Mangadex – This is one of the best websites for Manga comics because you not only get the Manga comics here but you get the same in a number of different versions as well here. These versions include fan designed endings, many crossovers and a number of coloured versions. You can get comics here in 20 different languages. You can create your own new group or even merge with the existing groups and discuss about your favourate comics character. 
  2. Mangafox – One of the best alternatives to Mangafox. Here you can quench your thirst to manga comics. There are many fake Mangafox websites too. But you need to have a look at the original one which has it’s theme colour as orange, black and white. This website is operated by This website is highly user friendly and has a zoom feature through which the reading experience is highly enhanced. You can download this from Google play store or even apple play store. 
  3. Mangaowl – Regular release of WSJ sequence episodes have increased the popularity of this website. This is a orange coloured theme website which has a huge database and it is high in terms of content and this one is also highly user friendly. 
  4. Mangapark – This is one of the best and highly discussed websites. This one has also highest fan following. You get one of the most updated and latest content here. This is quite a simple and clean website and thus users enjoy spending time at this website. You also get an option to upload a maximum of 10 images per chapter on this website. 
  5. Manga Town – This one has unique design and look and is quite wide when it comes to Manga comics here. You can easily browse at this website and have a look at the A-Z of manga comics here. 
  6. Mangahere – with more than 10,000 mangas you must have a look at this website. URL address regularly keeps changing on this website because there are a number of DMCA cases against this website. Here you will not only find Japanese manga here but also manga in other languages like Korean, Hongkong, European and even Chinese. The website has a very cool look and thus fans love this website. You can even come through spoilers and latest news about manga comics here. Here Manga comics is classified under different categories. 
  7. Mangareborn – This is a huge community solely created for all the manga lovers. Here you need to create your account by just filling some simple details. You also have a separate news and forum discussion column here and thus you can discuss accordingly here. The white and maroon theme of this website is quite soothing to the eyes. Here you can come through the German and Italian content too. Even the characters of Manga comics are also studied here. 
  8. TenManga – This is one of the latest Manag websites. Here you can come across more than 55+ genres at this website. You just need to type the first letter and you will be amazed to see the he collection of manga comics here. And with latest update and section wise organization, this is a must visit website. 
  9. Mangareader – This one is quite similar to the original manga comics. Here you will be able to see the manga comics in English. And if you want to take a break and ready any other comic then you just need to type “surprise me” and you will come through any random comic here. This website is available across different platforms like mobile, laptop, tablet. You can navigate through the A-Z content here. 
  10. Manga Kakalot – This is very high in terms of user experience. Here you will be able to read a number of manga comics. This site is highly attractive as well. If you want to have access to manga comics and you are a beginner then this is the perfect website to begin with. 
  11. MangaPanda – This is very similar to the original look of Manga comics. Here a huge collection of manga comics is available. And this website is also available across different platforms like tablet, desktop. The manga comics available here is exceptionally high in terms of content. 
  12. Mangaeden – This is another major alternative to Mangastream. This is a highly simple website which is available in both Italian and English language. This website is known to update the content regularly and some other extremely popular comics series of this website are – Dragon ball super and one punch. You can read and add the content here too. 
  13. Mangago – The beta version of this website has quite attractive features.  Along with manga comics, you get a number of other comics here. You get separate section for feeds and updates here and this is also a highly user friendly website. Other major collection of comics include – Astro Boy, Dragon Ball, One-piece. You won’t come across any pop up ads here and this website is quite good for posting queries too. 
  14. Mangairo – This is a highly updated website when it comes to manga comics here. Searching your favourate comics is quite easy here and thus you can access the search tab and look for your favourate comics. Here you can read comics in a number of different languages as well. This is an ad free website and thus you can enjoy the website without any hindrances. 
  15. KissManga – Here you can come through one lakh comics here. The quality is top notch and you can also get some exclusive content here. You receive notifications here about any new content. You can even share the content in a group and you can always send feedback here too. 
  16. Manganelo – a vast collection of manga website which has 40+ genres here. The website is quite fuss free and highly sophisticated. Different genres like latest manga, Hot Manga, and newest manga are available at this website. Navigation is also quite easier here. You can also save and download the images and thus save your mobile data at this website. 
  17. Mangafreak – This is a perfect website where you can download and read the content later on. The look is quite simple and with the history section you will get access to previous read content as well. You can also get here huge collection of different manga genres. 
  18. Comixology – This is a cloud based alterative. You get over 1 lakh comics here. This website is available across different platforms like – windows, android phone, Kindle, iOS. It was founded in 2007 and in 2014 Amazon took over this website. The look is premium here and the content is also paid. You get many different languages here like Japanese, Chinese, European, Korean. 
  19. Toonget – With your favourate cartoon and animated character, this is one of the best websites to go through. This one is quite easier to browse and highly user friendly. You just need to sign up here and thus you will be able to read the content freely. 
  20. – this is another simple website and has a huge collection of manga comics. With variety of genres and comics section this is a highly preferred website. The bookmarking feature is also available here. 

What do you understand by one piece mangastream? 

This is one of the most popular series of manga comics. The writer and illustrator of this series is Eiichiro Oda. This series is regularly featured in Shueisha’s Weekly Magazine and it is being published since 22nd July, 1997. 

You can read every chapter wise content here. The story of this series is about a man called Monkey D. Luffy who is looking for the treasure so that he can become the king of pirates. 

Social accounts of Mangastream 

Mangastream twitter 

You can click on mangastream twitter to check their latest updates and even follow them there. 

Mangastream facebook 

With mangastream facebook you will be able to check the latest updates on facebook. 

Frequently Asked questions 

Can Manga be read online? 

There are various places where you can read manga online. At some places you can read manga comics for free whereas at some other places you might need to pay subscription. There are various platforms where you can read manga comics at smartphones too. 

Why is Mangastream down? 

Mangastream is down because original owners of the Manga comics forced a legal complaint on mangastream to put it down. 

Is Mangastream an illegal website? 

Yes, it was an illegal website. Publishing original content of Manga comics without the permission of the original owners is violation of ownership and copyright issues. And thus they put down the website. 

Is registration necessary to access Manga websites? 

No, at most of the websites you don’t need to register yourself and you can read the comics directly. But for some of the websites you might need to register yourself. 

Name some of the most popular Manga genres? 

Manga comics has a number of quite popular and intresting genres. Some of the most popular genres in Manga comics are – seinen, josei, shoujo, and shonen. 

What do you understand by Manga plus? 

Shueisha introduced official manga stream reader which is also known as Manga plus. This is available all across in different countries completely free of cost. You can read Manga online here easily. 

Manga Plus is not available in Japan, China and South Korea. It is because these countries have their own Manga comics services. 

Is Mangastream not working? 

The owners of Manga comics wanted that no one without their legal permission is authorized to produce the original content and thus they shut down Mangastream because they were illegally producing their original content. 

Name the top 10 alternative sites for Mangastream? 

Following are the top 10 alternative sites for Mangastream – 

  • MangaDex
  • MangaFox
  • MangaOwl
  • MangaPark
  • MangaTown
  • MangaHere
  • MangaReborn
  • TenManga
  • MangaReader
  • MangaKakalot

These are some of the best places where you can read Manga comics online. 

What is the net worth of Mangastream? 

Till date, Mangastream has made $36,433. 

Is Manga Rock closed down? 

Yes, Manga rock is closed down after their official announcement of shutting down. The official announcement came out in September 2019 and since then the website is not working in smartphones. 

Last Words 

Mangastream is one of the best websites for Manga comics lovers. 

This extremely popular Japanese comic have been translated into several different languages. Since a number of years Mangastream has been a wide source for it’s fan and lovers to read manga comics online. 

Mangastream is down because original owners of the Manga comics wanted that. They challenged and filed a complaint against manga stream to put down their original comics content. Mangastream was an illegal site which was producing someone’s else original content without proper legal permission. 

There are a number of other replacement websites where Manga comics can be read online both at your desktop and mobile. 

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