LuckyCrush – A New Way To Flirt With People Online Without Meeting In A Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone’s life in the worst possible manner. Forget socializing we all are trapped in our homes leaving little or no scope for love. But as they say, lovers cannot keep lying down and even in these trying times, they are looking for ways to come close. From having virtual dates to sending each other video messages they are trying everything possible to make things work.

Chatting platforms like LuckyCrush has seen an upsurge in registrations in the last few months. The website which joins two random strangers for a virtual chat experience is quite a rage these days. At LuckyCrush, the participants are put together and if you are not able to find a common ground you may always press next and move on.

Since the website does not want anyone to miss out on the fun they ensure that only an equal number of male and female participants are allowed. This means that a participant has a chance of getting a partner come what may. When it is a lockdown in most of the areas this kind of Random video chat is gratifying, to say the least.

So far the website is only customized for tackling interests of straight men and women. However, in the future, there are plans to incorporate even special case relationships through a new website or platform. The idea of virtual flirting is being liked all the more since the situation of a pandemic is just so prominent these days. With little or no fun for couples, the video chats are a welcome breeze of respite.

What’s more, the website of LuckyCrush is available on mobile as well as the laptop. So you may have your share of fun from any location you want. You do not have to download any app on your mobile to use the features. Just open the browser and you are able to do video calling easily.


One feature of the website that caused trouble in the past was that the strangers were paired at random. This meant that you could be paired with someone who speaks a different language than yours. Eventually, it would have to translate the messages being put which was rather tiring. Seeing this problem the system was changed immediately. Now the users can type in their own language and the other partner would be able to see a message in their language.

Surprisingly there are enough female members on the website as well. This despite the fact the women try to avoid chatting apps if possible. But, because of the fact that you can do Anonymous Chat the website receives equal participation from females as well. All that the other person gets to see is the Username that you can choose as per your need.

If you are a female and want to escape any rude male members you may decide to not show your face until you are sure that the other person is reliable enough. Also if you feel that the Cam chat is not going in a progressive direction you may choose to exit and move on to a new participant.

Of course, even on such a dedicated website, it is good to keep in mind that chatting is happening with strangers. Chat with strangers can be risky even if the other person is looking interested and has all the qualities that you are looking for. It is better to keep a look at what you are sharing with that person until unless you are absolutely sure of his credentials. The wrongful person could actually share your confidential material on the internet which you would not want.


Initially, the LuckyCrush website was opened just for fun’s sake. However, the concept of Random video chat with opposite-sex partners has been liked by all and this has made the website into a million-dollar business for the founding partners. As of now, many people wish to buy out their venture but the founders are keeping their focus on making it a fun chat website where people can look for love in times of the coronavirus situation. Hopefully, the growth prospects of the website would not be reduced even when the situation improves.

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