Healing Through Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations

The world today is filled with tons of uncertainty. From suicide bombings and economic downturns to disease outbreaks and natural disasters, people are looking for new forms of motivation and encouragement to nourish their mind and keep them mentally and emotionally strong in times of hardship.

One of the most sought after personal development tools today is affirmations. There are all kinds of affirmations, from money mind set affirmations and love and relationship affirmations to positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations cover a group of affirmations aimed at achieving inner peace, living optimally and building solid confidence to face hardships in life. Instead of just telling yourself what you wish to have in life, through practice, affirmations lay a much stronger impact because when you affirm yourself consistently, you continuously build strong subconscious beliefs in your mind which will then reflect in your outer world.

Let us dwell deeper into the world of positive affirmations and let tap into its unlimited power today!

Introduction To Positive Affirmations

A positive affirmation is an autosuggestion of empowering thoughts in a form of a statement of something you desire, or a condition of the world, which is repeated consistently in order to implant it in the mind.

When these ideal situations are presented to our subconscious repeatedly, we lay the groundwork for cementing strong, empowering beliefs into our inner mind. Just like how our past beliefs affect our current behaviors (e.g. childhood experiences), our subconscious mind is based on what we experience in the past and this affects what we perceive in the present.

By constantly embedding positive thoughts into our subconscious mind, we train ourselves to think in ways that empower ourselves instead of limit ourselves.

For example, an example of a positive affirmation could be “I’m a great public speaker!”. Affirm yourself daily with this thought and you can be sure that you’ll be more confident speaking in front of a crowd compared to if you believed you couldn’t do it.

Affirmations are also usually called “Daily affirmations”. Meaning you have to practice it every day for it to be effective.

Say it in the morning, after lunch, before you sleep, as long as you make it a daily ritual, the more effective affirmations become.

History Of Positive Thinking

Affirmations are one of those so called “New Age” personal development tools to get results fast.

Where It All Began

Before positive affirmations, there was a “New Age Thinking Movement” where people were starting to realize that by thinking positively, they can seriously improve the circumstances of their life.

Take for example the Epictetus in the first century said that “The thing that upsets people is not so much what happens, but what they think about what happens. This shows that even in ancient times people were already choosing to think positively to improve their quality of life.

Positive thinking is widespread in religion, where Religious men (thinkers, philosophers, businessmen) started to write about the power of thoughts and positive thinking from a secular point of view.

This movement has evolved over the years and now has been applied to many different fields in the twenty-first century: in business and sales, in health, sports, children

education, psychology, motivation and inspiration, self- image, marketing.

The writing of several authors surrounds the origin of positive thinking. Their essays, poems and non-fiction writing were focused on the importance of thoughts and the mind.

How To Use Affirmations

Affirmations, when used correctly can have a serious positive impact in your life.

Putting It To Work

As mentioned in the earlier chapter, affirmations must be used daily for it to be effective. One of the ways of using affirmations is by looking in the mirror, straight into your eyes and saying it loudly as though you really mean it.

Feel your voice echo in your body and up to your head. Thump your chest or clap your hand when you say it to further reinforce the power of the affirmation.

You can also chant affirmations before you want to do something. For example if you are afraid of speaking in public, you can chant positive affirmations which build confidence to help you build the confidence you need to deal with the task at hand.

Another effective method of using affirmations is to have an “hour of power” where you isolate yourself and practice affirmations in solitude.

The quiet, calm and piece environment will help you to better tap into your inner mind and embed these positive

behaviors into your subconscious mind. This is often used to achieve maximal impact from affirmations.

Benefits Of Affirmations

Positive thinking affirmations can have numerous benefits to the person who embraces and practices these affirmations diligently.

What’s Good

First of all, you start to choose and think in empowering ways in life, thus making difficult tasks become easy. Affirmations help you think in positive, powerful ways which people don’t usually realize until they take the time and actually think about it.

Affirmations also can help you achieve inner peace. Many people who practice affirmations include it into their meditation or yoga practices for enhanced calming and relaxing effects. You can also incorporate spiritual positive affirmations which can help you connect closer with your spiritual self and creator.

When it comes to achieving a successful life in all aspects such as health, wealth and relationships, practicing positive affirmations can help you get there faster as you start to choose empowering ways to live your life and improve your circumstances by taking action instead of adopting the “victim mindset” towards anything life brings.

Finally, you can also build extreme confidence by affirmation statements which convey courage, confidence and bravery which is in fact an inherent part of you, waiting to be released. In the next few sections, we will look into a few different types of positive affirmations which can help you improve your life.

Inner Peace Affirmations

Do you want to achieve inner peace?

Self-affirmations are positive statements or self-scripts that might condition the subconscious so that you’re able to develop a more positive percept of yourself and create inner peace.

An Inner Gift

Affirmations might help you to change adverse behaviors or achieve the correct mindset, and they can likewise help undo the harm caused by negative scripts, those things which we repeatedly tell ourselves (or which others repeatedly tell us) that add to a negative self-perception and affect our success.

Here are some examples of inner peace affirmations you can incorporate in your daily positive affirmations for positive growth and success.

  • I am one with my inner soul.

positive affirmations for women

  • I feel relaxed even when under pressure.
  • I can overcome any stressful situation.
  • I am at peace with the world.
  • People want me to be happy and peaceful.

motivation positive affirmations

To truly achieve peace and calmness, inner peace affirmations can help, when used together with other relaxation and calming techniques such as meditation and yoga.

Optimal Living

It’s almost impossible living to have optimal living without the right type of mind set and tools. It doesn’t matter what type of health you have now.

A Better Life

There’s a certain way of thinking that you must have, and this type of thinking is what will give you the discipline to take action. Taking action is the most crucial part of optimal living, and positive thoughts are called for to take major action.

Everybody who is works on self-improvement wants to be living an optimal life. This is a goal that many people have accomplished and many more individuals wish to accomplish.

There are many ways to live an optimal life, and each individual has their own definition of happiness. Regardless what your definition of happiness is, affirmations can help you attain your goal.

Here are some examples of optimal living affirmations you can incorporate in your daily positive affirmations for positive growth and success.

  • I’m living healthy, wealthy and wise!

positive affirmations for kids

  • I don’t have to finish everything in my plate!
  • I can give the best to my loved ones, family and friends because I can!

self confidence positive affirmations

  • There is nothing I cannot achieve in life

positive affirmations for anxiety

By incorporating these optimal living practices into your daily routine, you can be sure to achieve better health, wealth and relationships with ease!

Concrete Confidence Affirmation

Steady positive affirmations are extremely crucial for those people who want to develop confidence.

Getting Confident

Building confidence is never easy, but it’s crucial to remember that those around you, from people you’re involved with to clients to competitors, feel your attitude, and utilize it as a cue.

If you’re constantly complaining about the deficiency in knowing how to approach people, the people around you will be less than energized.

If, on the other hand, you’re constantly supplying positive affirmations to yourself and the people around you, even in the hardest of times, they’ll see your exuberance, learn from it, and utilize it as a cue to see you as truly successful.

It truly does all come down to attitude; a positive mental attitude and positive affirmations can help your confidence in ways too many to mention here.

Here are some examples of concrete confidence affirmations you can incorporate in your daily positive affirmations for positive growth and success.

  • I love public speaking.

positive affirmations for men

  • I love to share
  • My capacity to earn, love and grow makes everyone want to be with me.
  • I have plenty of friends and I am never lonely.
  • I can do this.

short positive affirmations

When you repeatedly chant confidence building affirmations, you unleash the beast within yourself and turn yourself into a highly positive, go-getter which is unafraid of any obstacle in life. Making things happen becomes a whole lot easier!

Wrapping Up

In short, positive affirmations are one of those tools that can have a serious positive impact in your life if you integrate such practices into your daily lifestyle.

Affirmations are proven to be a safe and easy method for helping your mind thinks in empowering ways to help you achieve the results you want in your life faster.

There is no reason you should settle for less in your life. We all are put on this earth to achieve our full potential and by settling for mediocrity you are just now doing justice to yourself. Therefore, try and adopt practices which help you achieve your potential faster such as positive affirmations.

Remember, our current behavior is a reflection of our thoughts which has been pre-programmed from our past or childhood experiences. We can alter our thoughts with more empowering alternatives through positive affirmations and help us achieve our full potential faster.

The best way to know whether it will work for you is to just try it out. You never know what kind of results you would get after you try it, but if you sit around and wait for a miracle to happen, nothing will. So just go for it, you’ve got nothing to lose and all to gain! Let’s affirm ourselves!

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