Dos And Don’ts Of Hair Loss And Male Pattern Baldness Treatments

Hair Loss And Male Pattern Baldness Treatments

Hair loss isn’t an easy topic to broach, but only if you’re not sure about what to do to hamper its spread. Instead of going for a number of commercial products that promise results but don’t deliver, treat balding here and be in-the-know of the dos and don’ts when it comes to hair loss and hair loss treatments.

1. No To Vigorous Combing And Brushing

Though male pattern baldness is largely genetic (androgenetic alopecia), and at times, is related to old age but is not limited to it, it’s still important to be mindful of the way you comb and/or brush your hair.

Not that a certain method of combing can curb the effects of balding, however, gentle combing through strands will put less pressure on your hair and on your scalp. Rough-combing like there’s no tomorrow can cause strands to weaken, become brittle and/ or break. At the same time, harsh pulling of your locks may damage the roots on your scalp, which can result in weaker hair growth because of scalp trauma.

The solution? Take your time in combing your hair, especially when you’ve just showered. Your crown of glory is much more feeble and vulnerable to breakage when wet.

2. Do NOT Avoid Washing Hair

This one’s part superstition, if we may say so. Many believe that washing hair with shampoo will speed up the process of balding. The truth is that shampoo-washing something your scalp, roots, follicles, and hair strands need.

Sebum build-up will attract dirt, dirt build-up could lead to scalp rashes, inflammation, pimples (they appear on the head, too), etc. This will also bring about dandruff and irritation. At the same time, shampooing can actually strengthen hair as most of today’s shampoo products are enhanced with compounds for reinforcing hair sturdiness.

You can skip shampoo every other day to every 2 to 3 days, experts say. But saying no to it completely won’t do your hair any good. If you’re merely being paranoid about it, you can always go for ones that are organic and are sourced from natural ingredients.

3. Lesser Hair Products

Much like shampoo, hair products aren’t exactly the cause for balding. But just to lighten the weight of chemical products you usually subject your hair to, maybe try to either lessen the amount and the number of hair products you use (i.e. hair spray, wax, etc.).

Let your roots regrow new strands of hair that are cared for without too much reliance on artificial and chemically manufactured hair items. This will also be very helpful should you choose to go for hair loss solutions such as Minoxidil. These male pattern baldness treatments are to be utilised on their own, and without the presence of your favourite hair spray or gel, to avoid unwanted negative chemical and/ or skin reactions.

4. Water

Not water for soaking your hair but water for overall hydration. Your hair benefits from whenever you have yourself 7-9 glasses of water daily. External hydration is very much directly linked to internal hydration. And external hydration is among the key factors that affect hair health.

Dry and frizzy hair could be a result of dehydration. As this continues, strands will be easily breakable. But with a healthy water-drinking habit, you can support proper hair growth for locks that are thick, bouncy, and shiny.

Again, like the other tips mentioned above, drinking gallons of water a day won’t reverse the effects of balding. But it can be a good source of nutrients so that your roots will continue to spring up stronger, healthier hair.

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