What You Need To Get Your Content Added To Google News API

Google News API

Google news is a sophisticated content syndication platform. It helps in organizing the world’s news and making it more accessible to users. Bloggers, content marketers, as well as news publishers, are already tapping into this technology for targeted traffic and better rankings.

However, it’s important to note that Google News is only reserved for those who publish timely articles or information. You don’t have to be a news site to get accepted, but you should be able to consistently post newsworthy content. If you want to get added to Google News, check out the following tips and tricks.

Create Keyword-Rich Headlines

Getting the headlines right will improve the chances of having your story picked up by Google. Always keep your headlines simple and straightforward. The headline should be concise and informative. Plus, it should provide specific insights into your story.

Focus On News-Related Articles

For your site to be approved by Google, you have to write news-related articles in a consistent manner. It’s also important to note that Google can only include sites that strictly adhere to their webmasters’ tool guidelines.

So, if there isn’t anything timely about your story, it isn’t news. In the world of journalism, timing is everything.

Post More Content

If you want your articles to get added to Google news, you need to create more content. Most of the news-related sites that are featured on Google News are multi-anchored. What this means is that more than one person writes content for the site. So, if you’re the only one managing your website, it’s time you make a change.

Hire freelance writers who can create fresh content and deliver it within hours. You can also go the extra mile to train them on the journalistic approach required by Google News, as well as, other media platforms for every story.

Be Unique

Don’t try copying another author’s writing style. Instead, find your own voice and stick to it. This way, your website will be able to stand out from the crowd. Plus, your news-related article will stand a better chance of being added to Google news.

When your content is both unique and compelling, more viewers are more likely to click your headline and visit your website. But when it’s similar to everyone else’s, you won’t be able to make an impact. To the audience, there isn’t anything interesting in it. And because of that, they’ll leave.

Build Authority with Your Blog

Not all articles are news-related. And it isn’t all about the story. It’s also about the context by which the news anchor covered it. Since Google is passionate about timely news updates, you need to prove to them that you’ve adhered to its requirements.

In this case, you need to create a blog. This won’t just help you establish authority but it will also go a long way in improving your company’s visibility. Web authority boils down to the number of user-friendly websites and web pages that link back to your business.

But building authority with your blog isn’t something you can do overnight. You need to get creative. When contributing to other websites, be sure to reference your story naturally. This will make it easier for you to build your Author Rank. You really need to get off your website and be everywhere. Ideally, utilize your branded keyword as anchor text to link back to your website. For optimal results, read about this google new API


Getting added to Google News isn’t that difficult. All you need is to create a clear path on your blog for Google News bot to follow your fresh stories or articles as they’re published. The above article expounds on some of the tricks you can use to get started.

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