Need To Get Away? Get Travel Plans Ready To These Gorgeous Places

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At last, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for this pandemic. Vaccines are being distributed, establishments are loosening entry restrictions, and a return to “normalcy” might just be around the corner.

If you’re one of the many people that needs an escape after this challenging time, we have five destinations that should be atop your visit list. We picked these based on outdoors-y activities since we could all use some fresh air after being cooped up so long. Let’s jump into the destinations:

1. Brazil

This country is known for being many things — a powerhouse in soccer and UFC fight betting, the predominant home of the Amazon rainforest, and a nightlife hub. All those things are true about Brazil, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

In terms of scenery, few places outdo Brazil. There’s beaches, there’s mountainous landscapes, there’s forests, there’s almost everything a nature lover would want.

That can all be enjoyed during the day, but when the sun sets? The country’s party scene comes alive. Brazil and its people have earned the reputation for “living in the moment” — which is in full-blast while partying. If you visit Brazil, just know you’ll have something to do no matter the hour or place.


2. Costa Rica

A lot of what we said about Brazil also applies to Costa Rica. The country is a sight for sore eyes — featuring its own rainforest and beaches that rival that of Brazil. Then there’s the Costa Ricans themselves that live by the mantra “pura vida”, which translates to “pure life.” That should give you a clue into their easy-going nature.

But one of the key differences between Costa Rica and Brazil is the price. Costa Rica will be significantly cheaper to visit — by thousands of dollars actually. So if you’re on a budget but still want to enjoy all-day-fun, then it’s hard to go wrong with Costa Rica.

Another differentiator worth noting is land size. Costa Rica is relatively small, which means there’s more opportunity to travel up and down the country to get to know every corner of it.

3. Canada

During the winter, Canada and its extremely-cold temperatures aren’t exactly a must-place visit. But during the summer or fall? It’s a completely different story.

There’s no shortage of natural wonders in Canada. In fact, those wonders have become “Instagrammable”, for better or worse (depending on your perspective of social media influencers). Pictures taken at these sites have become “nature porn” on Instagram.

Perhaps the two most popular spots are Niagara Falls and Banff National Park. The water at each is their biggest draw — one has a massive waterfall, while the other features a beautiful turquoise lake that has to be seen to believe.


4. Switzerland

So far, we’ve picked a country from each region of the world (South America, Central America, North America), now we must do the same for Europe. There’s so many options here, but our pick is Switzerland.

Admittedly, Switzerland is the most expensive to visit among our list. But if money is not an issue, Switzerland will pay you back in unbelievable sights. Colossal glaciers, raging falls, hidden valleys and massive mountains, you name it, the Swiss have it inside their country.

Like Costa Rica, Switzerland doesn’t occupy a lot of land. In-fact, it’s one of the smaller countries in Europe. You could realistically see most of the country in only a few weeks’ time.


5. South Africa

The sights to see in South Africa are a little different than the aforementioned countries. That’s because South Africa is world-renown for its animal inhabitants more than anything else. Of course, we’re talking about the safari.

Tours can be had in South Africa safari that will put travelers near apex predators like lions, tigers, cheetahs, and plenty of other exotic animals. Seeing these animals in their natural habitat — and not some zoo — is a completely different experience, believe us.

Welp, that’s our list, folks. Now would be the perfect time to plot that much-needed getaway in anticipation of a post-pandemic world.

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