Facts About Tokyo

14 Interesting Facts About Tokyo Probably Didn’t Know

Tokyo is amazing and interesting city. If you ever been there you noticed how every part of the town is different then the others and you will need more then 2 weeks to go through the whole city which is a really good reason to go back in Tokyo again. Here are some interesting facts for Tokyo:

Facts About Tokyo


1. On Land Of Over 8.050 Sq Meters, Tokyo With Yokohama, Kawasaki, Chiba And Saitima Are Assembled In Big Tokyo With Population Of 35 Million People, Which Makes It The Biggest Area In The World.


2. It Was First Originally Known As EDO, And The Translation Of Tokyo Is “Eastern City”.

Facts About Tokyo


3. Tokyo Was Supposed To Be Host On The Summer Olympic Games In 1940, But It Has To Be Dedicated To Helsinki At Last Moment Before They Were Canceled Because Of The World War Ii.


4. Disneyland In Tokyo Was The First Disney Amusement Park Opened Outside The Borders Of USA, With More Then 20.000 Employees.

Tokyo Was The First Disney Amusement Park


5. As The Festival Of The Cherry Blossom Nears, Television And Radio Programs Involve And Report How The Progress Of The Cherry Blossoms Are Doing In Different Regions Of The Country.


6. The Eiffel Tower Was Inspiration For The Tokyo Tower, The Tower Is Painting Every 5 Years And It Takes Around 12 Months.

Tokyo Tower


7. Oshiya Or “Pushers” Are Called The Employees Working On Some Railway Stations In Tokyo And They Have To Push People In The Busy Trains During The Rush Hours.


8. Tokyo Imperial Palace Is Closed Whole Year Except For The best bitcoin mixer Birthday Or New Year.


9. With An Average Of 3,64 Million Travelers Going Through Shinjuku Rail Station It Makes It The Busiest Station In The World.

Shinjuku Rail Station


10. Capsule Hotels Can Be Found All Around Tokyo. Those Are Hotels Where Rooms Are Big As A Fridge And Every Room Has Tv, Wi-fi And Electronic Console.


11. Over 500.000 Tons Of Sea Food Worth Around 28 Million Dollars Is Soled On Daily Base On The Tsukiji Market.

 Sea Food


12. Fuji Mountain Because Of The Clouds And Air Polution Is Visible Less Then 180 Days Per Year.


13. In 1962, Tokyo Was The First City With Over Then 10 Million Residents, Which Then Made Him Biggest City In The World.



14. Tokyo Has Over 100 University, Which Is The Highest Concentration Of School Institutions In The World.

Tokyo Has Over 100 University




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