Selecting the Correct Cable Gland Sizes

Correct Cable Gland Sizes

We live and work in a world where it’s necessary to make use of electrical equipment each and every day. This is apparent from the popularity of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other similar devices. Although these devices themselves are the primary focus of attention, they ultimately all require cabling to charge and/or use continuously. Accordingly, it’s essential to not only ensure that the cabling for these devices is accessible, but also properly protected, and cabling glands offer a great way for this to be pursued. That’s why now is a good time to review the key facts surrounding cabling glands, and how the correct cable gland sizes can be selected.

Defining Cable Glands

In order to understand what cable glands are it’s necessary to know the way in which they are precisely used. Essentially, the definition of cable glands applies to a central body or enclosure in which some cabling and some accompaniments are able to pass through. There is a variety of different types of components which when used for the aforementioned purpose, can be regarded as cabling glands accordingly. These types of components are typically made from materials such as nylon, neoprene, PVC shrouding, and other materials. 

What Are the Four Major Types of Cable Glands?

The four major types of cable glands are PVC, single compression, double compression, and flexible hose.

Why Having the Right Training and Expertise is Essential

It’s critical to recognise that the installation of cabling glands can present some complex and potentially dangerous situations. Accordingly, it’s essential that any installation work involving them is only carried out by someone with the right training and expertise to be able to perform the task. Such installations should also occur only when they are performed in a fashion that is consistent with relevant rules and regulations, alongside any instructions provided by the manufacturer of the cable glands that seek to maintain safety.

The Need for a Professional’s Insight

With the aforementioned in mind, the best way to go about seeking to select the correct cable gland sizes shall always occur via consultation with an expert. Those with sufficient expertise in the field will be able to advise with authority surrounding which cable gland size is ideal for a particular task, or indeed which sizes are ideal for a wide range of tasks. Having a theoretical knowledge of cable glands can be very helpful as a starting point in this regard, as it allows for time to be saved when consulting with a suitably trained professional regarding what cable glands could be ideal to select. Nonetheless, when it comes to maximising the safety and quality of an installation, there’s no doubt contacting a professional is always the right and best first move.

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