Concrete Leveling And Lifting: How To Do It?

Concrete Leveling

Concrete is heavy, especially when it is wet. So, if you are in a building project, you should know concrete leveling and lifting. But if you don’t know concrete well, you might end up with mudjacking. Mudjacking happens when concrete suddenly becomes wet because of too much water during a flood. And that is why it is important to hire contractors for concrete lifting and leveling in St Louis.

1.    Concrete Leveling Services:

A lot of construction projects have mudjacks because they are the easiest way to put down concrete slabs. They do not require a lot of effort. Also, it takes them less time to do the job than what it would take you. When there are problems with leveling or other concrete, concrete lifting services in St Louis will come and fix those problems right away. And if there are concrete slabs that are already too weak, they will break them off.

2.    Uneven Concrete Surfaces:

Another problem that can occur is uneven concrete surfaces. There are concrete surfaces that are not evenly leveled. This means that some portions are sinking while the rest is level. If you are putting concrete down in your basement, garage, or even in your parking lot, you should know about uneven concrete surfaces. When concrete begins to sink into those areas, you should get help from a concrete contractor right away.

3.    Concrete Repair Methods:

Now, about those concrete repair methods, you should know. One concrete leveling method is what is called the vacuum pressure leveling process. You need to apply electricity to fill in the voids between concrete slabs. This is a temporary fix, which means that you need to do the job often. And it is costly, especially if you are not using concrete repair methods.

4.    Epoxy Resin Based Concrete Sealer:

Another way you can do the leveling of concrete is through using an epoxy resin-based concrete sealer. The epoxy resin is what helps you level the concrete so it will be flat. There are different grades of this concrete sealer so you need to determine how much of a layer is required for the garage floor. You can apply the concrete sealer in three ways – from the truck, from the pump, or the hand. Once the concrete has dried, the surface will be level.

5.    Mudjacking:

Concrete lifting and leveling can also be done through mudjacking. Basically, you pour concrete into a pile and then you use a hydraulic arm to lift and level the concrete. This is not recommended as a permanent solution because concrete will settle when mudjacks are used. Plus, you have to do the pumping action several times to keep the concrete level. Mudjacking also produces an uneven surface. It can actually cause damage to concrete surfaces underneath the mudjacks.

When it comes to concrete lifting and leveling, it’s important to know if the problems on one part of the slab will also show up on another part of the slab. For instance, if you notice uneven concrete on the left side of your driveway, you may also notice that the right side is slightly level. If this is the case, you might want to sink your concrete. Of course, you need to make sure that you don’t sink too deep into the ground as well.

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