Top Coding Challenges For Swift Admirers

Coding Challenges For Swift Admirers

Swift coding is a programming language that appeared in 2014 and is currently used for macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and more Apple products. Open-source programming has had enough time to build a vast community and pick up plenty of external tools for seamless integration. This type of coding features clean and consistent code and safeguards to avoid errors and enhance readability. Swift is also famous due to its IT outsourcing cost and fast performance.

Swift Coding’s Performance and Efficiency 

Swift is noteworthy for its straightforward syntax and grammar that make developers happy with the opportunity to reduce coding while creating an app. Besides, it’s always possible to optimize it for even better performance, according to your mission. The language’s complete safety excludes code crashes, fixing all the errors on the fly. It also has its own dynamic library to use it in coding as necessary. 

Note that this programming language suits backend and frontend development. Its cross-device support makes it fit not only iOS but also Linux and even Windows platforms. 

Some Pitfalls You’ll Face When Using Swift

Many business owners and professionals are not in a hurry to switch to Swift. Sure, they have a point.

  • Unfortunately, Swift is not mature enough for now. That’s why it lacks authentic tools and libraries, being still relatively unstable. 
  • Just a few developers can boast excellent skills in using this open-source language. 
  • It’s not easy to pick the right third-party tool.
  • Many earlier iOS versions don’t support Swift.

However, Swift development company deserves attention when it comes to small projects with no strict timelines for iOS 7, macOS 10.9, or higher. 

Swift Coding Challenge Platforms You’ll Find to Test Skills

Of course, the language is still young, but its community grows fast. So this is the right time to reveal challenges and consider them to enhance skills, as yet competition is not too stiff.

  • You can practice your Swift coding challenges on Codewars. There are thousands of them available on the platforms. The more problems you solve, the higher level you achieve. Besides, other users’ solutions are also visible to compare and make conclusions.
  • CodinGame provides tough challenges, but they are really inspiring performing as a game. You can solve the issues individually or use a multiplayer to participate in team battles.
  • CodeChef makes you feel like a student ding an assignment. Besides, various contests are available with prize pools of up to $700.
  • Coderbyte is a great choice since it provides access to chat where participants discuss various Swift-related issues.
  • Project Euler caters to those into math and logic. Note that challenges don’t contain the correct answers to check your solutions. 
  • Reddit’s DailyProgrammer is also should be mentioned. It deals with a group of programmers that try to solve a new hard task every two or three days.
  •  TopCoder offers solo tasks and team contests to solve them and complete a given amount of time. So, who is swifter?

These exciting and even adventurous challenges for Swift are a good chance to turn a novice into an experienced developer. Those seeking to learn the language from scratch should use relevant Apple resources like, for example, Swift Playgrounds. 

Final Words about Swift’s Prospects

With all pointed above, it seems unlikely that Swift coding will settle in and become trendy. However, many events and stories prove the contrary. For instance, Lyft, Coursera, LinkedIn, Twitter, Groupon, and more companies have already used this language (the latest update helped a lot). 

If Swift is maintained uninterrupted, it can soon replace its primary rival Objective-C. That’s why it’s crucial to keep a finger on the pulse and track the digital techs market’s trends. 

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