4 Ways To Spend Money Wisely While Buying CBD Products

Uses Of CBD Oil

Whether you’re someone who doesn’t mind much about how much they spend or an absolute cheapskate, saving money should be practiced one way or another. Not because you’re out to make sure you spend as little money as possible for an amazing, exorbitant product, but because scams nowadays are frequent (read more), especially when you are equipped with little to no oversight. The most important reason for wisely spending your cash is simply to get your money’s worth. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of ways to experience the full impact of their investment when buying CBD. Most people would assume the more expensive a cannabidiol product is, the better quality they have. We’re here to tell you not every outrageously expensive product is effective, nor is an absurdly cheap one a scam either. Know the balance between cheap and expensive while following this article about buying cannabidiol products!

How Much Money Will CBD Cost You? 

The cost of cannabidiol can be very expensive or very cheap, depending on where you buy it from. If we only consider quality bought from top-rated brands, then you’ll have to expect a higher price for those CBD Products, unlike those sold in the black market. We strongly advise aligning with the law and only purchase FDA-regulated products from authorized CBD companies. 

Legal companies can offer you a variety of products, which can range from CBD oils, gummies, and edibles to pre-rolls, vape juice, and even salves. These products can differ in price slightly, but the base price depends on the hemp the company uses, the quality of said hemp, the concentration, and the extraction method. The best and safest method you should look out for is the CO2 extraction method most outstanding companies utilize. 

Is There Significant Demand For CBD Products? 

The short answer to this question would be yes. There is a large population and community surrounding CBD that demands an increase by the year. Even statistics speak favorably for this line of product (link: for the exact purpose of its tremendous and visible effects on the human body. Not only does it entail pain relief and a calming effect to counter depression and anxiety, but it’s also used as a recreational medium that is both safe and beneficial. 

#1: Choose Products With Good Quality

Yes, we heard you! Quality = more expensive. On paper, this concept might seem reasonable and, for some, a no-brainer, but when the time comes to actually act on it, a lot of people find themselves backing out due to the exorbitant price. However, did you know buying these pricier products can give you more of a chance to get a more effective CBD effect? 7 out of 10 products on the market that are more effective are usually on the more expensive side. 

On top of that, you can save money from buying expensive ones over the dirt cheap because: 

  • You do not need to use a large chunk of the product to get the full effect. Potent CBD products can follow the recommended doses because of their pure and undiluted nature. In this way, you can preserve more of the product and use it more long-term. 
  • Buying cheap and counterfeit products will only end up with you purchasing the more expensive ones, which can cost you more than just buying a proper one in the first place. 
  • In a worst-case scenario, buying the cheap and illegally distributed ones can have terrible effects on the body, which can risk your health and land you in the hospital. For FDA-approved ones, you will not have any of those worries. 

#2: Focus On The CBD Count, Not The Product Size

Buying CBD oil with more ml than any other products might seem like a smart move, and it is if you make sure you are still getting the legal amount of cannabidiol in your product and less of the illegal stuff, like THC. One way to get a glance at the overall cannabinoid count is through their 3rd-party laboratory results, which can also be known as the certificate of analysis. You would have to consider 50mg per 1ml of CBD at least, which can already be very potent. 

#3: Buy The Products In Bulk

Buying in bulk does not only apply to resellers and those wishing to do business out of this product but also to customers that are dedicated to the product. This is a usual move for veteran users that can attest to years of use of cannabidiol. However, if you are a new user and believe in the product you’ve decided on, buying in bulk can help out in saving a few bucks, as almost all companies offer a large discount for customers purchasing multiple products at a time. 

#4: Aim For An Affiliate Relationship

Cannabidiol companies, especially in states that are less than ecstatic with its legalization, have a hard time marketing their products in the market. Although they almost have no qualms with the law and FDA (if the state recognizes it as a schedule 5 substance), the general population is another story. That is why these companies are constantly finding affiliates to market their products in a better light.

If you are an influencer, blogger, YouTuber, or any other social media medium amassing a significant following, then an affiliate partnership is feasible with almost any company in the market. In this relationship, you will be able to receive free products from them and large discounts and coupons to use for their company, and they will benefit through the exposure you give their company. For both parties, it is a win-win situation and an excellent way for you to save some money. 

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