Now It Time To Use Of Blockchain Technology In Allsporter

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Now imagine that it’s a global, decentralized, peer-to-peer app, and you’ve got AllSporter.

Within AllSporter’s community, athletes can find trainers, events, and equipment anywhere.


1. Pay Fewer Fees

AllSporter doesn’t need middlemen, which means fewer fees and restrictions. Because it’s decentralized, AllSporter can connect trainers and trainees for less money. It’s easier to use and more profitable for trainers and lessors of sports equipment.

2. Flexible Terms

Removing intermediaries eliminates the need to accept third-party terms and conditions.

Decentralized marketplaces can specify their own terms and offer users the best deal.

3. Decentralized database

AllSporter’s blockchain data storage allows instant access to needed data at any moment. Blockchain data storage prevents tampering, and is much more secure and scalable.

Because data is stored in different places, it’s easier to verify when needed. It’s also possible to access many different databases through one entryway.

This type of smart contract ensures privacy. Data is also distributed across the network vs. in a central database.

4. Transparency is in the blockchain technology DNA

Blockchain marketplaces offer an unchangeable and time-stamped record of every single transaction. This makes transactions easily traceable. It also prevents double-charges, fraud, abuse, or any other type of manipulation. With digital currency, AllSporter Coin (ALL), trainers and users make direct transactions.

5. Smart Contracts

Smart contracts completely remove third parties and make AllSporter a true peer-to-peer model. Smart contracts are unbreakable and reliable.

AllSporter vs. Traditional marketplaces

6. Conclusion

Blockchain technology offers new opportunities for payments, privacy, transparency, security, and agreements. AllSporter believes that the Blockchain technology is the future of the marketplace.

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