Blockchain-Enabled Global Digital Crypto Loyalty Program

Revolutionary Blockchain-Enabled Global Digital Crypto Loyalty Program

People love shopping and participating in various brand loyalty programs, accumulating big loyalty rewards and points on various cards and wallets.

Blockchain-Enabled Global Digital Crypto Loyalty Program_1

A study shows that loyal customers buy 90% more frequently, spend 60% more per transaction and are five times more likely to return to your business, than casual customers. Therefore, businesses thrive on loyalty programs that bring 60-70% of their revenues from retained customers.

1. Business Challenges

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Big businesses, retailers and supermarkets are able to run their loyalty programs successfully because most loyalty program platforms/software are suitably designed for medium to large businesses that run chains of stores.

However, single store businesses, and small-to-medium sized enterprises like cafes, pubs, bars, restaurants and small retailers struggle to establish customer loyalty for repeated visits and encourage them to spend more on each purchase.


2. Problems in Loyalty Programs

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Conventional discount and loyalty programs require businesses to install specific hardware, print and distribute plastic discount or membership cards, and train staff to operate and manage the program.

But none of the existing loyalty programs offers customer engagement, a digital mobile experience, or rewards or points with cross-channel redemption capability.

Consumers collect an ever-growing load of discount memberships, loyalty stamps, physical cards and vouchers which stop fitting in their purses over time.

If they forget to carry their plastic or paper cards, they lose out on loyalty. They also face the practical problem of having to keep a track of loyalty points earned for different brands.

Every year $100 billion worth of loyalty points go unclaimed globally. Unfortunately, customers lose out on loyalty due to the absence of global loyalty points accumulation and redemption system.


3. Solution to Loyalty Programs

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What if there was a shared loyalty experience, where customers could collect loyalty points from everywhere, save them as global points, and choose to redeem these points anywhere in the world? This is where Dewber comes in.

Dewber is a blockchain technology-based digital loyalty platform, which eliminates the need for plastic or paper loyalty cards with an easy-to-use mobile app. Dewber is redefining next-generation loyalty platform.

It brings innovation to the loyalty economy with the ability to run both loyalty rewards and points system, and provide a digital mobile experience and engagement with brands.


4. Dewber Platform Overview

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Dewber disrupts a trillion-dollar industry, helping businesses start and run their own loyalty programs in just 5 minutes! Unlike most loyalty program software, Dewber platform can enable even a single store to run a loyalty program. It records all information on the cloud via user-friendly mobile apps.

Dewber awards customers with Dewber Rewards, which can be redeemed globally at any participating business; and Dewber replaces traditional loyalty points with its virtual crypto token, Dewber Tokens.

These crypto tokens can be collected or redeemed globally at any participating business, can be earned with every purchase, converted into fiat or virtual currencies, and can be traded freely just like any other cryptocurrency.

Customers simply scan a QR code via a mobile app to earn Dewber tokens, which are stored securely on a blockchain-backed system ensuring a secure transaction.

Dewber crypto tokens can be used to make online purchases, obtain free tickets at amusement parks, movies, comedy or theatre, free flights, dinners at restaurants, or an extra discount on shopping. So, no more losses with Dewber loyalty system!

Besides Dewber tokens, businesses can also run Dewber rewards and promotion campaigns to gain loyal customers, increase revenue and engage with customers.


5. Dewber Benefits

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  1. Award loyalty stamps & points schemes for each purchase which increases customer visits and repeated purchases
    Run business specific offers to attract new customers
  2. Dewber offers cross-channel redemption and a shared loyalty experience, where loyalty points are collected and redeemed everywhere in the world.
  3. By using NLP, Dewber will build voice activated loyalty
  4. The advantages of Artificial intelligence will be used to develop personalized loyalty experiences.

Dewber is FREE and helps businesses to build personal relations with their customers, build loyalty, and offers an opportunity to engage and retain customers.


6. How Dewber Works

Blockchain-Enabled Global Digital Crypto Loyalty Program

  1. Step 1: Your business registers on the Dewber website and sets up its own point-based loyalty program, called “Dew Points”. This is for customers to collect and redeem points anywhere across the world with participating businesses. Business-specific promotions like giving stamps or discounts are called “Dew Rewards”, which can be redeemed by the particular business at any store.
  2. Step 2: Your business registers its customers on Dweber app via a mobile phone or email ID.
  3. Step 3: Your business executive searches and identifies the customer on the Dewber business app and awards “Dew Rewards” with a simple click. Alternately, “Dew Points and Loyalty” QR codes can be printed and laminated.

Dewber setup and service operations are both free. Your business executive just needs a smartphone or tablet to run the loyalty program. The Dewber program automatically updates both business and customer accounts to maintain online records.



Traditional loyalty points are gradually becoming a thing of the past for retailers, and blockchain-based crypto points are the future, so it makes sense for businesses to begin incorporating Dewber crypto tokens into their loyalty ecosystem. The Dewber token enables customers to use loyalty points in more ways than ever. Token holders may see its use increased as the new loyalty ecosystem expands, therefore: Dewber is redefining customer loyalty!

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