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pau gasol

Pau Gasol is the figurehead of the high level achieved in recent years by the Spanish basketball. Prominent member of a fifth known as the golden juniors or children of Lisbon, 2000-2001 season marked the blossoming of her talent with FC Barcelona is champion of the ACB League and the Copa del Rey. Hailed as the beslt player in Spain, in June 2001 jumped to U.S. to play in the NBA,Memphis Grizzlies and the U.S. began his career. The NBA awarded the title of rookie, distinguished prize for the best rookie season, no European had obtained before him. His victory in the 2006 World Cup with the Spanish team and his move to Los Angeles Lakers team that played in 2008 NBA Finals, are the latest milestones of a career that is far from over. The tall young man of 2.16 has realized his childhood dream of playing among the majors,getting a place in the elite of world basketball.

Pau Gasol Saez was born in Barcelona on July 6,1980 but his parents are from Sant Boi de Llobregat. Is the eldest son of the assistant medical technician (ATS) Agusti Gasol, and Dr. Marisa Saez, measuring 1.96 and 1.86 meters respectively. Pau measured 2.16 meters (though it has a wingspan of 2.29 meters, thanks to his long arms),weighs 105 kilos and fits a 50. His brother Marc, born in 1984, measured 2.05 meters and played in 2001, cadets Barca, while the youngest Adrian born in 1994, had not yet decided which sport is definitely decantaria, but also to go swimming, also played basketball..

Basketball played a key role in the fate of the family. The parents met through this sport. Gaudi Agusti played for in the neighborhood of the Sagrada Familia, where his parents ran the winery Gasol, who sold wine in bulk, as Pau is considered a child of this popular neighborhood. The mother was playing in the Cornella. All family members are fans of Spanish RCE Barcelona and, as the paternal grandfather was the head of CF Martinenc, Pau tried his luck in rugby and football, until his dramatic physical tip “definitively made by sport basket, first in the Sports School Team Llor and then at the Cornell, the same club he had played his mother.

Born for basketball

Cornella coach, Juan Campos, was the first who realized the enormous potential of tall and strong-willed young man who despite his height, he began playing base, which would provide an enviable technique, which often lack senior players. Pau is distinguished by its speed, to see the play in advance and be able to get the ball with the same efficiency as an accomplished base of 1.85 meters.

He spent two seasons at Cornell, the thirteen to fifteen years age when he joined the youth ranks of Barca Barca coach at the behest of Agustín Cuesta, Cotonificio player in the seventies and early eighties. Recommended it even though other coaches felt he had no body to succeed in basketball. Even at that time, his peculiar physique earned him the nickname La Pantera Rosa.He was also known as Gasofa by his surname, and as ET , because it has the fingers too long.

Gasol landed at the club in his second season as a junior, with his inseparable friend Juan Carlos Navarro, who in 1998 became champion of Europe and youth teams.In the following year junior world champion in Lisbon, which is the most successful in the history of Spanish basketball.

Pau was a very disciplined boy and applied studies. His mother wanted to be a musician. In fact, between eight and thirteen years he studied music theory and piano, and still sings beautifully, imitating Pavarotti, when it is between friends.

The day I decided to study medicine, abandoned the music. He arrived at ten o’clock at night home after a hard workout and was still able to concentrate to study late into the night. However, their path to professionalism prevented him from pursuing those studies. Precisely the abandonment of the studies was one of the factors that weighed in the family, especially the mother, for whom the intellectual is essential “if you want to take control of life, albeit difficult to reconcile with the sport elite..

In FC Barcelona

pau gasol

His career at FC Barcelona was meteoric. After two seasons with the junior team, with which was released in a memorable final Tenerife Youth Championship in 1998, he joined the staff of disputing the EBA League 1998-1999, while already heavily involved training of the team that season they won the ACB League. Still, it was professional to form the 2000-2001 season, with a salary of 40 million pesetas and a buyout clause of 580 million, including VAT.

In the 1999-2000 season he won 13 kilos of muscle and with information about the reserve team, Barcelona B, played almost every game with the first team, who finished runner-up league. Three of the youths most stressed in those competitions (the very Gasol, Raul Lopez and Juan Carlos Navarro) were not summoned however, by the national coach, Lolo Sainz, to contest the Sydney Olympics which allowed them to play European Junior Championships in Ohrid 2000, which won the bronze medal.

Gasol began to show its enormous potential well into the 2000-2001 season in which the player became revelation, especially after his superb performance in the final of the Copa del Rey, after referendums in the play off of the ACB. Barca won the double thanks in large part, Gasol took responsibility in decisive moments. This season, he was a leader in math, with 62, giving an average of 2.07 per game. He was distinguished also as the best player in the finals of the Copa del Rey in Malaga. He was also elected member of the Euroleague Ideal Quintet. He finally won the trophy for best player in the finals of the ACB.

Camino de la NBA

These statistics caught the attention of scouts from the NBA, which is set as a priority the hiring of Gasol. On 27 June, in the majestic setting of the Madison Square Garden in New York, Pau accompanied by his nervous parents (“If I treat him well even now, I take it home,” said Marisa), heard the NBA commissioner, David Stern, the influential, saying his name after Kwame Brown, voted number one for Washington Wizards, and Tyson Chandler, number two for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Gasol was selected by Atlanta Hawks, who later gave the rights to Vancouver Grizzlies, a Canadian franchise in the 2001-2002 season was playing in Memphis, Tennessee, and that to gain the services of Gasol fell from his biggest star, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, a member of Dream Team that won the gold medal at the Sydney Olympics. The Grizzlies officially release their new website as the only NBA team in Memphis with Gasol on the cover.

“It’s fantastic. I love the NBA and I want to play and in this league, “said no more be elected, casting a clear message to the directors of FC Barcelona whose aim was to retain two more seasons. Their privileged position allowed him to pay the buyout clause, as in the first three years, although age had a salary cap, had to win only in tile more than 1,500 million pesetas. One thing to note is that once the first contract expired three years as a rookie , the player concerned is free and, therefore, willing to sign with the team of your choice. Or what is the same: to sign the contract of his life in the NBA, for several million dollars.

Pau fulfilled his dream and was going to be in the same tournament that he admired Allen Iverson, Shaquille O’Neal and Tim Duncan, and who knows if his idol, Michael Jordan, who in October 2001 decided to return for the umpteenth time to competition and that in its day was also the third draft pick in 1984. He also had twenty years, but Gasol did not forget that Air Jordan was not consecrated until the twenty-six years. No European had reached such a high position in the draft . Neither Drazen Petrovic, and Arvydas Sabonis, Toni Kukoc, or with which it has a certain physical resemblance and similar style of play, or Vlade Divac, not even the great German star Nowitzki, whose ninth place in 1998 has been overshadowed by the fate Gasol ran.

A simple star

In the first six months in the U.S., as did other mothers of European players, accompanied him Marisa, who asked for a leave of absence from Social Security. It was not difficult to adapt, because Gasol during their stay in New York, had star treatment and a single star who captivated young Americans, a little fed up with the eccentricities of their idols. In fact it was already a television star, since his visit to the NBA store took part in a TV show with two other large draft 2001. The best compliment you came from one of the people who most understands basketball, Chris Ekstrand, the official NBA analyst: “This is a player with a great technical qualities, able to handle the ball like a guard or escort which is quite noticeable on a seven-foot player. ”

Although the team that selected Pau Gasol in the draftwere the Atlanta Hawks, the operation was already agreed in advance with the Memphis Grizzlies, who would transfer to the Hawks to their biggest star, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, in exchange for Spanish, which gives strong evidence of interest in Gasol. The Grizzlies franchise was in the process of reconstruction, as it left its first settlement in the Canadian city of Vancouver to move to Memphis, seeking greater public support.

In this new phase, the managers of the Grizzlies pushed for entertainment and fun. Besides the three best players of the visiting Vancouver franchise, guard Michael Dickerson, the high forward Stromile Swift and center Lorenzen Wright, Mike Bibby pierced Grizzlies at Sacramento Kings in exchange for Jason Williams, the base great in the NBA, and choose in the same draft that Gasol other young talents: the Greek power forward Antonios Fotsis and college star at Duke, NCAA champion in 2001, forward Shane Battier. With all these raw, Coach Sidney Lowe is ready to build a set bold, brazen and spectacular competing in the Western Conference seeking to improve the status quo in Canada.

Pau Gasol in the NBA debut Nov 1, 2001 in a game in which the Memphis Grizzlies were defeated by a Detroit Pistons in which its star, Jerry Stackhouse, was unstoppable. The discreet meeting Gasol, with 4 points and 4 rebounds responded to the nerves of the debutante and the logical acclimation period before him ahead in a tournament as demanding as the NBA. However, the explosion of the pivot Barcelona not long in coming and, although the Grizzlies closed the season with a poor record of 23 wins against 59 defeats, Gasol progression exceeded the most optimistic forecasts. Was named best newcomer (rookie ) in November (2001), January and March (2002) before achieving the title of rookie of the year, an award for the regularity and effectiveness of his game that never before had been a European player. Among the distinguished Americans, included legendary names such as Abdul-Jabbar, Bird, Jordan, O’Neal or Vince Carter.

Loaded with full physical and technical, winning mentality and personal effort, the young Spanish power forward played his first year with the best in the world basketball without prejudice and without complex and earned his place. The numbers immediately endorsed the magical season for center Catalan. He played an average of 36.7 minutes in 82 games and managed to average 17.6 points striking, 8.9 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 2.1 blocks per game. No other rookie did better and 117 of the 126 journalists who choose the best rookie in the NBA gave their vote to Gasol. Only nine players from the institution of the award in 1953, won in his day with a higher percentage of votes. An extraordinary news for Spanish sport.

2003 was the year of confirmation of Gasol. More than fulfilled the expectations it raised in its debut, solidified its leadership in the club and claimed a deserved prominence in the best league in the world. It was also the star of the Spanish team that won the silver medal at the Europeans in Sweden. On his return to the discipline of the NBA, Pau renewed until 2005 its contract with the Grizzlies.

In April 2004, initialed an important page in the NBA, as the Grizzlies, Gasol have in one of its top stars, and even eliminated in the quarter fell to 4-0 against the champions, the San Antonio Spurs, got very meritorious demanding access to play off of the top league in the world. This team had ever come so far in his ten-year grace period, so that their removal was an unmistakable air of triumph. This success helped to strengthen the excellent performance of the Spanish power forward, who finished the season with an average of 17.7 points per game, 7.5 rebounds and 31.6 minutes played.

In September 2004, after his great performance at the Athens Olympics, despite the disappointing outcome of the Spanish national team (he finished seventh, having been first in its group, winning every game, his crossing into quarters with a mediocre United States was fatal), was voted European player of 2004 by the International Basketball Federation (with Russian Maria Stepanova in the female category.)

In January 2005 reached a record high of 5,023 points scored in his career in the NBA, which until then had played 275 games. That season ended similarly to the above: the Grizzlies again reached the playoffs in the NBA, but again ended up losing in the first stage against the San Antonio Spurs, despite the great performance of center Catalan. Gasol’s numbers were even better than last season, averaging 18.9 points per game, 7.7 rebounds and 32 minutes played.

The 2005-2006 season began brilliantly to Gasol. By February 2006 and totaled 48 games played, with the following statistics per game averages: 18.2 points, 8.4 rebounds and 39m 24s game. With these numbers seemed a serious contender to play the All Star, “All-Star game, but the fan votes were not enough. However, were precisely those who “know best”, the coaches of each team in the NBA, those who decided to play the Catalan party, one of the highest honors that can receive a basketball.Thus, on February 19 was the dream: a Spanish rose, for the first time the court to play the legendary game show, which this time was played Toyota Center in Houston. The role of Gasol in that match was also very worthwhile, as got to be the best rebounder, twelve, even though that would fail to score any basket.

Shortly after his participation in the “All-Star game” got a new record entry in his NBA career: 39 points, made against the Washington Wizards on 28 February that month. Soon after, in a confrontation against the Seattle SuperSonics, scored his first triple-double: 21 points, 12 rebounds and 12 assists. Nevertheless his team, he returned again to qualify for the playoffs , was defeated 3-0 in the first round against the Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki of an enormous, which is not marred an excellent pivot action of Catalan.

World champion with Spain

In top form, and once their season in the NBA, center Catalan started to prepare, together with his team-mates, the World Cup would be held in Japan. The new coach Pepu Hernandez built a solid body in which the veterans Garbajosa and Jimenez joined the great names of the famous golden juniors and Navarro, Reyes or heads, which in turn accompanied basketball talent Spanish, as Jose Manuel Calderon, Rudy Fernandez, Sergio Rodriguez or Mumbru, in addition to the surprise of the brother of Pau, Marc Gasol, who joined in the last minute injury to Fran Vazquez.

With a brilliant start, which seemed to be no rival at the height of the Spanish group, Gasol and his men appeared in Japan with the increased confidence and eager to play a great role. Thus easily beat all his rivals in the preliminary round,and were gradually overcoming obstacles on their way to the final. First it was Serbia and Montenegro, which won by a convincing 87-75. In the quarterfinals, the court feared many times was the sword of Damocles for the national team, Spain managed to defeat the dreaded Lithuania by an even stronger 89-67.

Thanks to the combination and first place finish in the preliminaries, Spain did not have to deal with the alleged “black beast” of the championship, United States, but had to suffer the unspeakable to beat a stone Argentina in the semifinals in a final myocardial match with a point over to Spain and possession of several seconds for the Argentines. The slogan of Hernandez was a tough defense and the absence of faults, the move went well, and the triple launched by Nocioni did not enter the basket.However, the big news of the final appearance of the Spanish team was overshadowed by another: Pau Gasol, who until then had been the model of the Spanish team, which had averaged 21.3 points and 9.4 rebounds in the championship, fell injured and would miss the final.

Faced with this hard liquor, the researchers looked further and chose to dedicate the achievement of the great pivot Barcelona title. The “review” that was given to Greece anthology, because the final score was 70-47. The entire team was present to Gasol as being in the door, and such was the recognition of their work that was voted “most valuable player of the tournament, despite missing the final.

With all this, his excellent record Gasol also added nothing less than a world title in an unforgettable year for him and all his team mates. In the most bitter chapter, doctors gave the power forward the news that his recovery would be at least four months out, so he resigned himself to missing Pau much of the beginning of a NBA more Spanish than ever, because he would play beyond in the best league in the world the Spanish Juan Manuel Calderon, Jorge Garbajosa and Sergio Rodriguez.

Finally, Los Angeles Lakers

The 2006-2007 season was a step backwards for the team Gasol, the Grizzlies, who without him for much of the season due to injury sustained in the World Cup, failed to reach the playoffs for the title. In the summer of 2007, Gasol became part of the Spanish basketball contest for the EuroBasket in Spain. The selection led by Gasol made a major championship after a hesitant start, reaching the final, sadly overtaken by Russia, with the latter’s own missed shot Gasol left without the gold medal for the hosts.

The 2007-2008 season began with hope and renewed strength for the Grizzlies, who also were reinforced by another Spanish player who ventured into the best league in the world and great friend of Gasol, Juan Carlos Navarro, from FC Barcelona in the ACB . After a promising start to the season, the team gradually got worse, dragging a large number of consecutive losses despite the efforts of the Spanish couple.

Surprisingly, after much speculation and rumors, Pau Gasol was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers on February 1, 2008 thus securing the player’s desire to deploy their talents in a team with real aspirations to get the championship. The start to the Cavaliers in the Californian team, under the leadership of Kobe Bryant, could not be more promising, achieving bind ten consecutive wins in their first matches. Kobe Bryant himself praised the game displayed by the Spanish, which he described as “incredible.”Together they carried the Los Angeles Lakers to the final playoffs of the NBA, defeating the Denver Nuggets,Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs: a Spanish first came to the NBA Finals. And while the Lakers fell in the final against the Boston Celtics (4-2), and most experts believe that one day Pau Gasol will be part of the winning team in the best league in the world.

Pau Gasol Chronology

pau gasol stats


Born in Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona)


It takes its first steps in Sant Boi and in the lower echelons of the Unio Esportiva Cornella, a club FC Barcelona youth system.


Play in the junior team of FC Barcelona, with which Spain won the Junior Championship.


Participates in the Spanish Basketball League Amateur (EBA), but plays and some games in the ACB League for FC Barcelona. With the Spanish team won the Youth European Championship Junior (Varna, 1998) and Junior World Championships (Lisbon, 1999).


Remains on the EBA team, but he plays almost every game in the ACB with the first team of FC Barcelona..


Reveals its potential by winning the Copa del Rey and the ACB League for FC Barcelona.


Is chosen in the third position of draft in the NBA and signed for Memphis Grizzlies. Never reached a European such a high position in the system of choice for NBA players.


Premieres November 1, 2001 with the Memphis Grizzlies. At the end of the season is chosen rookie (novice or newcomer) of the year award achieved for the first time by a European player.


Become a cornerstone of Memphis Grizzlies, leads his team to play the playoffs in the NBA in 2004 (for the first time in the history of the Grizzlies) in 2005 and 2006.


He was selected to play the All Star or All Star Game “, which was the top rebounder.Japan wins World with the Spanish.


The Grizzlies play the worse and begin to spread rumors about his possible transfer.


Tab by Los Angeles Lakers, where evenly blended perfectly with the legendary Kobe Bryant. The team wins the Western Conference championship, but lost the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics.

Past Results of Pau Gasol:

With FC Barcelona

  • Junior Championship in Spain (1998)
  • Copa del Rey (2001)
  • Liga ACB (2001)

With the Spanish team:

Youth team

  • Gold medal at the European Junior Championships (Varna, 1998)
  • Gold medal at the Junior World Championships (Lisbon, 1999)
  • Bronze Medal at the Junior European Championship (Ohrid, 2000)

Senior team

  • Bronze medal in the Championship of Europe (Turkey, 2001)
  • Silver medal at the European Championship (Sweden, 2003)
  • Gold medal at the World Championships (Japan, 2006)
  • Silver medal at the European Championships (Spain, 2007)

In the NBA

  • Western Conference champion Lakers in Los Angeles (2008)

Individual Entries

  • Best player in the finals of the Liga ACB (2001)
  • Best player in the finals of the Copa del Rey (2001)
  • Ideal team member of the European Championship (Sweden,2003)
  • Best European player by the International Basketball Federation (2004)
  • MVP of the NBA Western Conference (2005 and 2006)
  • MVP of World Championships (Japan, 2006)
  • Ideal team member World Championships (Japan, 2006)
  • Ideal team member of the European Championships (Spain, 2007)
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