Know Biography Of Osama Bin Laden, Chronology And September11

Biography Of Osama Bin Laden

Born in 1957 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Yemeni father and mother originally from Syria.He was the son of humble dock worker who managed to become the largest contractor in Saudi Arabia.The father of Osama bin Laden, Sheikh Muhammad bin Laden, architect engineer and according to some sources, as other simple peasant, left his home province of Hadramut, in central Yemen, in the early twenties. Apparently, he settled in Hejaz, Saudi Arabia, in 1932.There he made a colossal fortune thanks to its relations with the Saudi royal family, who commissioned many public works and excelled as a businessman rigorous and honest.His mother is said, was not the favorite wife of Muhammad bin Laden, who had 54 children by 11 wives.One of them was Osama bin Laden.Osama,who was educated by private tutors, had a golden childhood and youth, rubbing shoulders with the sons of the Saudi princes.

When Muhammad bin Laden died in a helicopter crash in 1968, all his vast industrial empire passed to his children.Osama, age 13, inherited $ 80 million. During his studies at the University of Jeddah, bin Laden was influenced by one of his teachers, the Islamic fundamentalist Sheik Abdullah Azzam, committed to the liberation of the Islamic cause and encouraging foreign domination of Muslim youth to return to the strict tenets of the Islamic faith. In 1979, after completing their studies at the university (obtained at the University of Jeddah an engineering degree after five years of study), he joined the staff of engineers in the family business.

Since 1979, Osama Bin Laden began to give importance to religion, no doubt in reaction to the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel. That same year the Islamic revolution swept the Shah’s regime in Iran and the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. His career was cut short, Osama left the company to join the armed movement that fought the Russian military presence in Afghanistan, following the call of jihad holy war.

Its mission was to collect money to finance the Islamist resistance movement against Soviet occupation troops. He also wrote violent diatribes against the Communists, without forgetting also to the West “decadent.” In 1980 began to recruit fighters and established his first proafganos camps. He was trained by the CIA and learned by instruction how to move money through phantom companies and tax havens to prepare explosives to use encrypted codes to communicate and hide.

At that time the United States contributed their unconditional support to all Afghan groups due to their involvement in the war against the USSR (from 1979 to 1989, Americans gave nearly three billion dollars to the Afghan resistance, which favored Bin Laden and about 35,000 fighters from 40 countries were trained as guerrillas in training camps located along the border with Pakistan). In 1988 he founded Al Qaeda , The Base, in Arabic. Most members are veterans of the Afghanistan war. The group has bases in Algeria, Uzbekistan, Syria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Lebanon, Iraq, Kosovo, Chechnya, the West Bank and Gaza.

The final break with its American allies came in 1990 when in his fight against Iraq, U.S. troops deployed in Saudi Arabia, land of the Muslim holy sites of Mecca and Medina.Knowing that after the Gulf War, the U.S. presence would last longer on Saudi soil, multiplied Bin Laden appeals to overthrow the Saudi monarchy. That decision led to the first exile in 1991, and two years later, the loss of Saudi citizenship. He moved to Sudan where he remained for five years, but due to U.S. pressure, was expelled by the Sudanese government.

In 1996 he settled with his family in Afghanistan and establish their first contacts with the head of the Taliban, “Mullah Muhammad Omar”. I gave in marriage to one of his daughters and was built in the Taliban stronghold of a luxurious and spacious mansion where he lived with his large family (he has four wives and 13 daughters), spending no improvement at all road infrastructure and health the city. That same year, echoing the demands of the members of the organs of national security, President Clinton authorized the CIA to use all means to assassinate the Saudi billionaire and destroy the political and military structure created by it, but none of mercenaries hired by the U.S. espionage (the expression of more than a thousand), he fulfilled the risky mission.

His organization established as priority targets to attack U.S. and its allies in the Middle East. Bin Laden was allegedly responsible for U.S. attacks in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, which caused 263 deaths in 1998, and the attack on the U.S. cruise-Cole in Aden in October 2000, with 17 dead. It was estimated that he possessed a fortune of $ 300 million.

After the attack on the Twin Towers in New York from September 11, 2001, which killed thousands of people, became the most wanted terrorist, but not the subsequent invasion of Afghanistan led to his arrest and it was no certainty about his whereabouts until ten years later: the May 1, 2011, President of the United States, Barack Obama, announced that the leader of Al Qaeda had been killed in an operation carried out by U.S. military commands in a residence in outskirts of the city of Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Laden Chronology

Osama Bin Laden


Born in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).


Dies in plane crash his father, Muhammad bin Laden, who bequeathed his vast fortune to his children.


At the University of Jeddah is influenced by the fanatical Islamist Sheik Abdullah Azzam.


Soviet troops invade Afghanistan. Bin Laden left the family business, and, following the call of holy war, he joined the anti-Soviet guerrilla.


Receives training from the CIA American and recruits fighters in Afghanistan.


Founded Al Qaeda , composed largely of veterans of the Afghanistan war.


Following the Gulf War breaks relations with the Americans.


He was expelled from Saudi Arabia for their activities and moved to Sudan.


Installs in Afghanistan, where it has the support of the Taliban. Start a campaign of attacks against American interests. Soon becomes the world’s most wanted terrorist.


Attacks on U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam.


Attack on the U.S. cruise-Cole in Aden, with 17 dead.


September 11 Suicide pilots of Al Qaeda crashing planes laden commercial airliners into the Pentagon and the twin towers of New York, who just sank, causing thousands of deaths.


A Boeing 767 of American Airlines takes off from Boston bound for Los Angeles.


In Newark, a Boeing 757 from United Airlines takes off in the direction of San Francisco.


A Boeing 757 of American Airlines out of Washington Dulles Airport to Los Angeles.


Another Boeing 767, this time for United Airlines from Boston to Los Angeles.


The machine has taken off at 07.59 h of Boston crashed into the north tower of World Trade Center in New York.


The machine has taken off at 08.14 h of Boston crashed into the other tower of the World Trade Center.


The machine has taken off at 08.10 h of Washington will star in the Pentagon in Washington.


The south tower of World Trade Center collapses.


Collapses on the wing of the Pentagon that has crashed a hijacked aircraft..


The United Airlines Boeing 757 that took off at 08.10 h in Newark crash around Pittsburgh.


The Breaks down the north tower of World Trade Center..

September 11 of Osama bin Laden

On September 11, 2001 at least 5,000 people were killed in an unprecedented terrorism, when the twin towers of World Trade Center in New York, more than 400 meters high, were reduced to rubble. In Washington, a wing of the Pentagon (U.S. Defense Department) was destroyed. Four planes with passengers on board were used as flying bombs against the United States.

The terrorists, all of Arabic names, belonging to the network that Osama Bin Laden had woven around the world, committed on the morning of this fateful day the largest terrorist act has taken place in the world and nobody would have thought that could happen . Separated into four groups, at least 19 terrorists hijacked four airplanes. The various groups of authors embarked each in cities on the East Coast of the United States (two in Boston, one in Newark and one in Washington) on flights to Los Angeles or San Francisco. Shortly after takeoff, the hijackers neutralized crew members were installed in command of the aircraft diverted.

The first aircraft, flying from Boston, is projected as a bomb at the north tower of World Trade Center in New York, a second plane hits the same way the south tower just 20 minutes later. The position and the crash of the aircraft was extremely precise. In both cases crash into skyscrapers to two thirds of its height. The major appliances, full of kerosene for a long distance journey, exploded as a result of the violent impact. Inside the towers the fires did increase the temperature to 900 ยบ. The part of the buildings located above the shock sank on the bottom, which could not withstand the pressure, causing the almost simultaneous collapse of two skyscrapers. At the time of the disaster were working in the offices of the twin towers nearly 20,000 people. Those who are up have no chance of escape. Dozens of people prefer to die by falling out before they die charred towers. Those who are on lower floors try to escape from this hell for the stairs, but most when it comes down, know what has happened.15.00 Close of people manage to escape, but 5,000 die trapped in the rubble.

A few minutes after the slaughter in New York twice came another disaster: a third plane had taken off from Washington that crashed into a wing of the Pentagon in the U.S. capital. Also this device was filled with fuel and plays the same scenario of death and destruction. The balance of the attack is 184 dead.

The fourth hijacked plane, this time from Newark, had to be crashed into the summer residence of the U.S. president at Camp David. The plane did not reach the target and crashed on the outskirts of Pittsburgh.

About 226 passengers were aboard the four planes diverted. Some of them could talk to their relatives by mobile phone before the fatal impact. “We’ve been kidnapped and there is no way out. I love you !…” These are the last words of a passenger to his wife. In the apparatus crashed near Pittsburgh in some passengers tried to reduce suicide air pirates. Thanks to them has been able to save the Camp David presidential retreat.

President George W. Bush was at that time in Florida, visiting a school. Appalled, concerns that the event is a “war against America” and asks its citizens’ solidarity “, assuring the victory of America in this conflict the” evil versus good. ” Further reaffirms that those responsible will be found and punished..

Early indications were quick to blame the terrorist network founded by Osama Bin Laden. First found a rental car in Boston, where he discovers a manual steering of a Boeing 767 in Arabic. Then, information from passengers with Arabic names on board each of the four aircraft and one-way tickets. Most members of these terrorist groups had cards made in the U.S. pilots. Before the attacks, three of them had spent long periods in Germany, where he had studied aeronautical issues (in Hamburg) with great discretion. In the homes of some of them, the researchers found evidence of relationships with Bin Laden, a suspect said to have ordered the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 and in 1998 the bloody attacks against U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam.

Quickly, the focus of the United States is Afghanistan where the Taliban had given hospitality to Osama Bin Laden, and Pakistan, not to mention an old enemy, Iraq, particularly when the Baghdad regime has justified the attacks of September 11 as a result of violence by the United States in the Middle East.

On September 16 the United States formally requested the Taliban the delivery of Osama Bin Laden, and called on Pakistan to close its borders with neighbouring countries and to cooperate with them.

In late September, the United States has three aircraft carriers stationed in the Arab-Persian Gulf. Moreover, Uzbekistan opens its air bases to transport aircraft of U.S. troops and Tajikistan indicate that also offers its cooperation with the United States. On 30 September President Bush announced an imminent military action against the Taliban in Afghanistan, with no other country should feel threatened, pending further orders by U.S. threats. It is the announcement of the war in Afghanistan.He will continue the Iraq war, for their alleged collaboration with terrorism and possession of weapons of mass destruction. The 11-S was, in short, a historical date whose consequences can not yet assess.

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