Know Biography of Letizia Ortiz, Chronology And Royal Wedding

Biography of Letizia Ortiz

Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano was born on September 15, 1972 in Oviedo, the nurse’s daughter Paloma Rocasolano, Madrid, and the Spaniard journalist Jesus Ortiz, founder of Antena 3 Radio in the Principality and director of the same until 1987 and is currently divorced and has a relationship with journalist Ana Togores. Maternal grandparents, Francisco Rodriguez Rocasolano and Harriet, live in Alicante. His paternal grandfather, Jose Luis Ortiz, married popular broadcaster Radio and Radio National Oviedo Menchu Alvarez del Valle, who may have instilled in her granddaughter Letizia passion for journalism, when the girl went to dancer.

Letizia attended primary school in the public school Gesta, of Oviedo, where she also did her sisters, Thelma, who works in a non gubernalmental in Jerusalem, and Erika, and married with one child. After high school attended Letizia Alfonso II, where she studied ballet three days a week. When she was fifteen, the family moved to Madrid for work of the father.There she continued her studies at the institute Ramiro de Maeztu, where she finished high school and fell in love with a professor of literature, Extremadura Alonso Perez Guerrero, with whom she had a long engagement until they married in a civil ceremony in August 1998.

But twelve months of the wedding they agreed to dissolve the marriage, not long after that Alonso (who in 2003 practicing in Guadalajara) had finished his latest book: The man short , which describes the collapse of a writer faced with the divorce . This separation is joined by those same dates the other perhaps more painful for Letizia: that of their parents.

Tenacious Journalist

Queen Letizia Of Spain

At eighteen years old Letizia had entered the Complutense University, where she majored in journalism. Even in college, began working at ABC and the agency Efe, which was integrated into the international edition, during the final year.Then between 1992 and 1993 was an intern in the newspaper The New Spain of Oviedo, where she practices in the areas of economy, Television and Entertainment, at a time which had already consolidated her passion for reading.After successfully completed an MA in visual information and moved for a year to Mexico, where she completed doctoral studies while working at the newspaper Siglo 21 in Guadalajara (Jalisco), which completed their training, but did not to read her dissertation.

Letizia started her takeoff on the television news network CNN +, the Prisa Group, where she became one of the faces of the founding team, together with Marta Fernandez. She was there for two years in the morning shift, which began its broadcast at five in the morning. By then she had gone to live with her mother Moratalaz district.

In 2000 she joined the Spanish TV, where in summer Baltasar Magro replaced in Weekly Report, until after September 2003 began to arrive each day to four million viewers on the news of nine in the evening. After her commitment to the prince, many also remembered it as a special envoy in the attacks of September 11, the Iraq war or the Prestige disaster. But his professional image highlighted especially in the delivery of the Prince of Asturias Awards in the last year, when Felipe de Borbon shook his hand as the two lovers could barely conceal his complicity.

In her new home in the neighborhood of Valdebernardo, where she moved in late 2001, collects books of novels and essays. Also passionate about the cinema, to the extent that it has made a brief foray into cinema with the film The Call of the angel .


Felipe and Letizia met in mid-2002, during a dinner at the home of Pedro Erquicia, director of TV documents. It seems that the Crown was captivated by the journalist and, as has been learned, the relationship continued and consolidated in the spring of 2003, to the point where the two spent a few summer holidays abroad. After seeing continued home of close friends of Philip, both in Madrid and Barcelona. On this occasion, the Royal House forged a security plan that does not transcend the relationship until it is deemed appropriate.And it worked, because the surprise was the announcement of the engagement, on Saturday 1 November, was huge in all areas.

queen in spanish

The proposal of marriage, yet the protocol inherent in the act, took place on 6 November, but three days before the promised were presented for the first time, hand in hand, before a small group of reporters in the garden of the new house Prince, who quite naturally said, smiling: “I do a lot of joy to express how in love I Letizia. It is the woman I want to marry, and meets all the requirements to assume the responsibilities of Princess of Asturias and next queen of Spain. ”

Letizia’s election was well accepted by the Spanish population, which exhausted the press with special pages dedicated to her fellow journalists, who played a decisive role for the act to acquire overtones of normality and above all to be interpreted as a symbol of the democratic maturity of the Spanish and the monarchy will be near the people, by taking this decision of the prince with the consent of the King Juan Carlos and Sofia, to further consolidate the role of the monarchy in future for much of European royalty was assumed uncertain.

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