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JK Rowling

British author Joanne Kathleen Rowling has become famous for her series of novels devoted to the adventures of Harry Potter, which has become one of the largest literary events in history. The adventures of the child hero Harry Potter, an orphan boy with magical powers capable of escaping at will to a fantasy world, managed to beat all sales records in the literature of the genre, although many critics were reluctant to classify as Rowling’s books stories for children, as happened with the famous Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. The person who has made it possible for many children and adolescents prefer to read a book to pass the idle hours watching television is a shy British set out to write seven installments of the series, equivalent to the courses that the protagonist must overcome in school of Witchcraft and Wizardry is attending when it escapes from the horrible reality of life in their mean aunt and uncle’s house.

According to some literary critics, the author managed to create an eerie atmosphere novels appealing to the eyes of diverse readers and ages, from recognizable influences on the books of British writers such as Enid Blyton, Richmal Crompton Roald Dahl or Danish . But paradoxically, she herself claimed that he never intended to write fantasy and that the idea came from his own childhood memories.Virtually unknown and economic problems in the first half of the nineties, when I lived in a modest pension and unemployed, has become a rich woman and popular in Europe and especially in America, where crowds of children accompanied by their parents endure long lines at bookstores to get the latest adventures of the little wizard.

Childhood Nurtured Potter

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Joanne Kathleen Rowling was born on July 31, 1965 in the small British town of Chipping Sodbury, near Bristol, southwest of the island. Due to the work of his father, Peter, an engineer at Rolls-Royce company married to Anne, a Scottish French roots, her family had to relocate several times during the infancy of small Jo and Di, loving family nicknames the future novelist and her younger sister, Dianne.

After a brief stay in Yate, moved to Winterbourne, provided without departing from the suburbs of Bristol, environment that forged the earliest memories of the imaginative child, who spent hours sharing dreams and fantasies with her sister. Early reader and writer, enthusiastic amateur to devour novels for adults, six years developed a rabbit that had the honor of being the first hero in a story titled Rabbit.

Winterbourne girls made friends with the neighborhood, one of them named Ian Potter. Enjoys taking strange names for the characters and locations of her novels, many years after she borrowed the name Joanne to give birth to her famous character. When Jo was nine years, Rowling made her dream and moved to a rural area called Gwent County Forest of Dean, a hamlet near Chepstow, where the two sisters discovered the pleasure of playing in the green fields next British the River Wye.

But the happy change was reflected in the problems at the new school attended by the Rowling and eventually became a torment for most of the sisters, who would remember for years to her hated teacher Mrs. Morgan, to the point moving it to her novels and have embodied one of their malevolent characters.

The freckled, studious and very insecure “bespectacled” Joanne, by her own definition, he grew up and left primary school to enter Tutshill of Wyedean, he became interested in languages. Student applied early also noted for her fondness for telling stories to a small circle of friends, who listened carefully to the narration of stories in the days long recess. During his teens he wrote a lot, but, with the exception of a few funny stories, but were afraid to show their papers to anyone..

Difficult Times

After graduation in Wyedean, Joanne K. Rowling attended the University of Exeter, where, following parental advice, studied French in order to find after a good job as a bilingual secretary. With the titles of French language and literature still shining,she moved to the headquarters of Amnesty International in London for a research paper on human rights violations in Francophone Africa.

After this brief period of training he began working as a secretary, but soon discovered that the order and the routine did not go with it. Several frustrating experiences in different companies, coupled with the sad demise of hermother, suffering from multiple sclerosis, was taken to leave it all at twenty-six years and leave with the intention of teaching English abroad.

In Lisbon enjoyed teaching their native language and Portuguese students had enough time to write, her true vocation. There she met and fell in love with Jorge Arantes, a Portuguese television journalist with whom she married in October 1992 and who, a year later, had a daughter she called Jessica “in honor of a British brigade had fought in the Spanish Civil War she claimed in an interview. Despite the happy event, the marriage did not prosper and soon ended in divorce.

Mother of a little girl alone in a foreign country, in 1996, Joanne decided to return to Britain and settled in the Scottish city of Edinburgh, near her sister Dianne, where he arrived with the intention to finish and publish a novel about a as Harry Potter, children’s character with magical powers, whose adventures had imagined a long time ago during an interminable train journey between Manchester and London.

The dogged French teacher spent many afternoons of his life writing “for herself” in a warm coffee next to a small apartment with no heat in which malvivĂ­a with her daughter. Finally, the indefatigable novelist won a Scottish Arts Council grant that allowed him to conclude, five years after starting, which then was the work of his life, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone .


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Ran unsuccessfully typed copy for herself prestigious publishers Penguin and Harper Collins, until 1997, finally got the prestigious British firm Bloomsbury published the book. A few months later, Scholastic Press bought the rights to the novel for the United States for a sum in excess of 14.5 million pesetas a very important figure for a children’s book. Rowling began to be popular at home, and during the first month was largely overtaken by the situation unable to write a single line.

Just about to finish the second book in the series, entered a critical phase and even thought she was writing “trash”, as later confessed in an interview. Nothing used to manage such sums of money or to pressure from the media, Joanne crashed and quickly adapt to the new situation, to the point of having to modify their simple lifestyle.She had to stop writing in the same coffee due to harassment from fans and curious, which made the room a place of pilgrimage, and adopted a defensive posture against intrusions on privacy. After finally decided to leave classes to devote himself to what he had always longed to write.

The publication of her first book, signed with the initials JK on the advice of the editors, apprehensive that children do not like to read a book about a boy written by a woman, was a turning point in your life magical. The reality of the extraordinary success exceeded all expectations of the British and American publishers who had published.Subsequent editions of these books in the series ( Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and The Prisoner of Azkaban ) also confirmed the initial success and led to a literary phenomenon, which the press called “Pottermania.”

Honored with the title of Officer of the British Empire and turned into the person who ranks third by volume gains in the country, according to a list of Forbes magazine, Joanne tried to maintain through thick and thin discreet lifestyle.Every morning continued to carry her daughter to school as long as the promotional tour of her novels were allowed, and tried to write the remaining Harry Potter books in other cafes of Edinburgh, away from the harassment of journalists.

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