Know Biography of Eminem, Discography And 8Miles


Eminem is the stage name of Marshall Bruce Mathers, born in Kansas City on October 17, 1973. Eminem’s name comes from the union of the two initial, M & M, pronounced in English. His childhood was not easy. He grew in the absence of the father who left home when he was six months, which refused to take upon reaching the celebrity.He lived on several states with her mother, Deborah Mathers-Briggs, until it settled in the suburbs of Detroit (Michigan), when he was twelve years old.

A Life In Film

The young Marshall grew very attached to his grandmother, Betty Kresin (now frequent commentator on the behavior of his grandson in the U.S. gossip magazines). Her relationship with her mother has been a constant source of conflict: he accuses her of lying and drug addiction, and blames his constant changes to their inability to find steady work. For his part, Briggs told the BBC that “spoiled” to his son, who was not at home until twenty-five.

Eminem, who has a brother fifteen years younger, Nathan, was his intimate friend from childhood in his uncle Ronnie, of the same age (his grandmother was the same year his mother took him). In the early nineties, Ronnie, depressive tendencies, committed suicide. This incident caused the final rupture Marshall relations with his mother, upon its responsibility for the suicide.

At fourteen years old, Marshall began dating Kimberley Anne Scott (who was then only twelve), another central figure in the world of Eminem. Their relationship has always been stormy, full of fights and reconciliations equally cumbersome: they married in June 1999, Eminem filed for divorce on August 2000, were reconciled at the end of that year, and Kim filed for divorce on March 2001 . In 1996 they had the girl Hailie Jade Mathers, the main object of worship of Eminem, whose custody has been undertaken by bitter legal battles with Kim.

All these details of the family that any other artist, his biography would serve to entertain or to make a psychological analysis of his work, have a particular meaning in the case of Eminem: these details “are” his work. On each discussion, in every letter, shred their own experiences, from childhood to the moment he steps on the recording studio. Many of his songs are, for example, the experience of parenting, although other fantasizes about killing his mother or Kim (at 97 Bonnie and Clydemixes the voice of his daughter Hailie verses in which he speaks of killing the mother). However, insisted that many of their lyrics are humorous and should not be taken literally.

Marshall began rapping during his school years, encouraged by his inseparable Ronnie. At fourteen he left school and tried his hand with local bands such as Basement Productions, the New Jacks or D12. Premiered his nom de guerre, Eminem, the album Infinite , released in 1996 by an independent label. Its debut received poor reviews, dismissed as merely an attempt to emulate the fashionable names in the hip hop scene in Detroit at the time, like Nas or AZ. However, was not intimidated and won first prize in the annual festival of hip hop Wake Up Show, and finished second in the Rap Olympics in Los Angeles, quite a feat for a target.

Sales Success

Eminem Net Worth

In their next album, The Slim Shady EP (1997), he developed his personal style, and in his lyrics launched furious attacks against the music industry and opponents of Infinite . The issue do not give a fuck Just became a hit on alternative radio, and Eminem was a guest on the success Five Star Generals , MC Shabaam Sahdeq, and Kid Rock albums and Missy Elliott.

In The Slim Shady LP (1999), his first album released in a large company (Aftermath / Interscope), first collaborated with star producer Dr. Dre. It was also his first blockbuster, accompanied by the scandal of the complaint that brought his mother, who accused him of cause emotional distress and damage to their reputation for offensive comments that he dedicated to the press. Deborah went on to publish a CD-single Set the record straight (‘Record Straight’), and the case ended in settlement out of court, when Eminem was paid $ 25,000.

His next album, The Marshall Mathers LP , debuted at number one in U.S. sales in May 2000. But his personal life was much more to say: at the end of that year, struck with the butt of a gun to a man who apparently was molested Kim. He was sentenced to two years probation, a tight control of drug use and the continued assistance of a psychologist.

The Eminem Show (2002) debuted at No. 1 in sales in the U.S. and Europe, launched by the controversial music video Without Me , they appeared dressed as Osama bin Laden. The soundtrack of the blockbuster film Eight miles , directed by Curtis Hanson (director of LA Confidential and Wonder Boys), was another success, and even won an Oscar for best song.

Eight miles, the story of a young white rap singer, goes ahead and is in many ways an autobiography of Eminem “8 Mile” is the name of the street that separates the rich from the poor suburban Detroit, and is where he lived. Naturally, the film also has a maternal role, and unstable tyrant, played by Kim Basinger.

Eminem Discography

Eminem Daughter

In 2003, Eminem had sold 100 million records and that they did not begin to succeed until 1999 with The Slim Shady LP , his first blockbuster. Has already won numerous Grammy Awards and is not expected to stop. Here is a review of his selected discography:

1. Infinite(1996):

It was published by an independent firm not only had the least success, but also was accused of imitating (poorly) to important figures of the moment, as Nasand AZ .

2. The Slim Shady EP(1997):

Album that starts its unique style. In verses no shortage cynical invective against record companies and against those who criticized his first album. The song Just do not give a fuck was a great success in alternative markets.

3. The Slim Shady LP (1999):

It was his first bestseller and the first published by a major label. The shocking confrontation with his mother, who sued in court, gave publicity

4. The Slim Shady LP(2000):

The album that marked his first No. 1 on the bestseller list in the United States and worldwide recognition. With it he won three Grammy awards: best solo, best duo and best rap album.

5. The Eminem Show(2002):

Reached number 1 in the tops of not only the U.S. but also Europe. Accompanied its release the controversial video forWithout me , which saw Eminem crudely disguised terrorist bin Laden.

6. 8 Mile(2002):

Banda soundtrack of the film Eight miles , autobiographical film starring himself and Kim Basinger in the role of his mother.Includes new songs including the famousLose yourself , who won an Oscar for best song.

Eminem 8Miles:

Eminem Nick Cannon

Eminem, the only movie so far is eight miles (8 mile, 2002). The film is practically a biopic on the hackneyed theme of personal growth, in which fictional elements are interspersed with the true, from the biography of Eminem himself.

The action of the film is set in Detroit in 1995. Its title comes from the name of a street, 8 Mile Road, which forms the border between the affluent and disadvantaged neighborhoods. In recent live the protagonist, the young Jimmy Smith Jr. (Eminem), which has its outlet in the hip hop and his friends: Future, with his charisma and self confidence; Sun dreamily and joyful DJ Iz, aware, and Cheddar Bob. Jimmy and his group ( Three One Third ) struggle to get a crummy job and live in a society with discouraging difficulty.

In the evening, feed your hopes in hip hop clubs of Detroit.They come together and fight the best rappers in the rhyming and offensive verbal challenges to earn the respect of his comrades. The quickest wit and incisive is the victor.

The film directed by the prestigious Curtis Hanson ( LA Confidential ), with the participation of the legendary Kim Basinguer in the role of Stephanie, mother of Jimmy Smith Jr. (Eminem). Their relationship is as stormy as the fiction film has been in biographical truth. Naturally, the soundtrack was given by Eminem himself. Includes three new songs, among which the famous Lose yourself .

The film provoked conflicting reactions. Brian Grazer, the producer, “is a film about human resilience, tenacity, capacity for survival.” Most critics agreed that vision, and while noting the topical nature of his argument (the typical story of personal achievement, which is often compared to the usual movies boxers struggling to get by, in this case rhymes rather than with fists) highlighted its good and even the interpretive powers of Eminem. For others it was another example of pure American cinema and vacuous, seasoned with the usual dose of cheap psychology and sociology of the topics of the American way of life , another product in service of a star and the commercial interests of the majors.

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