Finding The Best Hair Dryers In Singapore

Best Hair Dryers

Singapore has a tropical climate so most people will sweat a lot, especially if they spend more time outdoors. Their hair will also become dirty so they would like to wash their hair often. However, it will usually take at least 3-4 hours for wet hair to dry naturally. The activities of the individual are restricted if their hair is wet, especially for women with longer hair since the water will drip on the clothes, paper and other items, damaging them in some cases. Hence people who do not want to wait for a longer time to let their hair dry will prefer to purchase a hairdryer. There are a large range of hairdryers of different brands available online and offline, so some tips for choosing the best hairdryers in Singapore are provided below.

Hair Type

Before searching for a hair dryer, it is important to understand the hair type, texture and styling. If the hair is thin and fine, then the hair dryer with a lower wattage is required so that the hair is not damaged or tangled. For coarser and thicker hair, the hair dryer with higher wattage can be used. The longer the hair, the greater the time required for styling. The user should also be aware that some of the hair dryers have styling accessories, so these hairdryers are preferred if the user is styling her hair often.


One of the most important specifications of the hair dryers is the power rating, the amount of power it will consume. Usually the user can set the temperature of the hair dryer based on how quickly he wishes to get her hair dried. If the temperature is higher, the hair will dry quickly, though the hair may get damaged, and lose some moisture. In other cases, especially for those who have fine hair, it is better to use a lower temperature for hair drying, to prevent tangles and for this a hair dryer with lower rating usually below 1500 watt is preferred.


Another feature of the hair dryer which should be considered is the design or the drying mechanism used. While some of the hair dryers can increase the hair temperature to more than 80 degrees to cool it quickly, others are using powerful motors to blow the air at a high speed to cool the hair faster. Heating the hair can cause split ends and other damage to the hair. So depending on the hair type, and how quickly the hair should be dried, a suitable hair dryer should be selected. Most of the top rated hair dryers have multiple options for drying the hair, allowing the user to choose the right temperature.

Other Features

While drying the hair, it is important to ensure that the built in moisture is retained in the hair to give it a lustrous look. Most women are styling their hair while drying it, so the better dryer usually has multiple styling attachments provided depending on the type of hair. These styling attachments should be easy to fix on the hair dryer or remove. The top rated hair dryers also have sensors which are automatically measuring the hair temperature, and adjusting it as required.

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